Helix http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix en-US Helix Tourism as a Method of "Soft Power" in Modern Diplomacy on the Example of the Russian Federation http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/61 <p>In this article authors describe formation of the concept<br>"soft power" and its place in the modern world.<br>Authors come to a conclusion that tourism is that<br>element of "the soft power" which can promote more<br>effective and competent positioning of Russia as<br>benevolent country. Today the tourism industry is a key<br>milestone of applying “the soft power” concept,<br>plunging in particular countries, in particular cultures,<br>in particular national life, the tourist recreates a true<br>picture of the events in the state. Authors note that the<br>Russian Federation needs creation abroad of positive<br>image, for the purpose of applying the «the soft power»<br>concept in the solution of diplomatic questions. In turn,<br>tourism is one of the main methods of the «the soft<br>power» concept and in any a case it is impossible to<br>diminish a tourism role in permission of international<br>issues. Development of the tourism industry promotes<br>not only to increase in a tourist stream and attraction of<br>investments, but also allows creating a positive image<br>of the country and its subjects in the opinion of foreign<br>tourists. Investigating value of the «the soft power»<br>concept, authors came to a conclusion that tourism<br>represents a secret platform for realization of national<br>and public interests on the international scene.<br>Tourism as a method of "the soft power" in modern<br>diplomacy is, first of all, the tool by means of which the<br>state will be able to tell about itself to the world.</p> Oleg A Bunakov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Foreign Students’ Communicative Competence Development in the Tatar Language http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/67 <p>&nbsp;Article is devoted to a problem of foreign students’<br>communicative competence development in Tatar<br>receiving higher education in KFU and according to<br>curricula learning Tatar in a certain volume. In recent<br>years the teachers of IFMK of L. Tolstoy developed<br>manuals for new generation foreign students’ training<br>in Tatar on the basis of system and activity approach<br>and having a communicative focus. Thanks to them<br>students have an opportunity practically to master Tatar<br>as means of interpersonal and cross-cultural<br>communication. Relevance of this article is explained<br>by these factors. Article lights methodical system of<br>speech development, language and sociocultural<br>competences of students in main types of speech<br>activity in the course of studying Tatar. When<br>developing manuals for teaching Tatar to foreign<br>students’ authors relied on long-term experience in this<br>direction, on innovation in the field of training in<br>foreign languages, modern achievements of linguodidactics.<br>Approbation of the developed tutorials is<br>carried out when training students at various institutes<br>of KFU, as well as on Tatar courses in which the<br>representatives of the different countries who arrived to<br>the Republic of Tatarstan to study or work study.<br>Introduction in practice of training in Tatar of the<br>manuals developed by authors promotes improvement<br>of communicative abilities of foreign students,<br>realization of the set educational objects.</p> Rashat N Yakupov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 "Techno-R" Technology in Teaching the Students of Linguistic Direction the Latin Language http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/63 <p>In this article the content of pilot study on the Techno R<br>technology developed at the Kazan Federal University<br>is stated. Authors showed specifics of use of the given<br>technology in teaching Latin to form the language<br>competence. Latin lost communicative function of a<br>living language, but kept the cultural and educational<br>value. Studying the Latin is necessary at assimilation of<br>modern Romance languages. It should be noted that<br>both the phonetic and grammatical phenomena of<br>modern Romance languages can be acquired students<br>only on the basis of studying the Latin. In article the<br>authors studied the scientific base of technology<br>presented by the theory of an interiorization intellectual<br>P. Y. Galperin's actions, the theory of transfer and<br>methods informatively - practical activities in the field<br>of training in foreign languages. The principles of<br>remedial Techno R technology, its thematic and<br>operational structures are shown in article. Authors<br>developed experimental material for check of<br>efficiency of remedial Techno R technology in<br>formation of language competence on Latin material.<br>Experimentally obtained data were subjected to<br>statistical processing by a method of mathematical<br>statistics "Student’s T-criterion". The received value of<br>T-criterion&gt; 2 says about efficiency of Techno R<br>technology in teaching Latin.</p> Elena K Kuzmina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Candidate Genes and Clinical-Laboratory Indices in Pregnant Women Depending on the Development of Preeclampsia http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/72 <p>Objectives: The relationship between polymorphic<br>variants of folate metabolism genes with clinical<br>(blood pressure level before and at the end of<br>pregnancy) and clinical and laboratory indicators<br>(proteinuria, fibrinogen, total protein, urea and<br>creatinine in the blood, activated partial<br>thromboplastin time, thrombin time) were studied in<br>pregnant women with preeclampsia. Materials and<br>Methods: The study group included 322 pregnant<br>women diagnosed with preeclampsia and 179<br>women with normal pregnancy. Polymorphisms of<br>the folate cycle genes (MТHFR +677С&gt;Т<br>(rs1801133), MТHFR +1298 A&gt;С (rs1801131),<br>MТRR +66 A&gt;G (rs1801394), MТR +2756 A&gt;G<br>(rs1805087)) were studied by real-time polymerase<br>chain reaction (PCR) of DNA synthesis (Real-time-<br>PCR). Results: Polymorphic markers +2756 AA<br>MТR and +1298 AС, +1298СС MТHFR are<br>associated with an increased level of diastolic and<br>systolic blood pressure, respectively, in women with<br>pre-eclampsia prior to pregnancy. The genotypes<br>+677ST and + 677TT MTHFR are associated with<br>an increased level of proteinuria, and the genetic<br>variants of +2756 AA MTR and +66GG MTRR are<br>associated with a lower protein content in the blood<br>and a high proteinuria level in pregnant women with<br>preeclampsia. Conclusions: Thus, as a result of this<br>study, significant associations of genetic<br>polymorphisms MТHFR +677С&gt;Т, MТHFR +1298<br>A&gt;С, MТR +2756 A&gt;G, MТRR +66 A&gt;G with<br>indices of blood pressure, protein content in the<br>blood, proteinuria level in pregnant women with preeclampsia were determined.</p> Evgenii A. Reshetnikov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Genetic Determinants of Endometriosis and Uterine Myoma Combinatin http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/74 <p>Benign proliferative diseases of the uterus, which<br>include uterine myoma and endometriosis occupy a<br>leading place in the structure of gynecological<br>diseases. The objective of the research was a<br>bioinformatic study of the involvement of candidate<br>genes in the formation of a combination of<br>endometriosis with uterine myoma in women. As a<br>result of the study, 5 molecular-genetic markers were<br>genotyped in 109 patients with a combination of<br>endometriosis with uterine myoma and 981 women<br>of the control group. It has been established that the<br>combinations of molecular genetic markers<br>rs466639 with rs713586 and rs10441737 (OR =<br>2.45) and rs466639 with rs3756261, rs713586 and<br>rs10980926 (OR = 1.36) are risk factors for the<br>development of a combination of endometriosis and<br>uterine myoma among women of the Central region<br>of Russia.</p> Irina V Ponomarenko ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Transforming Positive Attitude of Pre Service Teachers Towards Inclusive Education By Cooperative Learning Technology http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/73 <p>One of modern education tendencies is the active<br>attention to questions of integration of health disability<br>children in educational space of mass comprehensive<br>school. In the way of this process there is a<br>considerable quantity of problems among which often<br>found negative attitude of the teacher to inclusive<br>education. As a result of foreign and domestic scientific<br>research study authors of article provide data on some<br>barriers interfering with forming the positive relation of<br>teachers to this type of education, carry out the<br>theoretical analysis of the reasons of their emergence.<br>According to authors, forming the positive relation to<br>inclusive education has to be taught to future teachers<br>at a stage of high school training by the corresponding<br>substantial and technological support of this process.<br>The main attention in article is paid to identification of<br>cooperative training technology opportunities for the<br>solution of the designated problem. On the example of<br>discipline "Psychology and pedagogical bases of work<br>with students with special educational needs" for<br>students - the undergraduates studying in the<br>Pedagogical education direction are described subjects<br>of occupations, problem tasks within the studied<br>subjects and the relevant most effective structures of<br>the specified technology are compared. According to<br>authors of article, the offered methodical<br>recommendations can be useful to forming the positive<br>relation of future teachers to inclusive education.</p> Albina M Sharafieva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Reflection of Emotions in the Phraseology of the Tatar Language http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/75 <p>In the contemporary Tatar linguistics, a great interest<br>is shown to consideration of the language as a unique<br>cultural code of certain linguistic-cultural<br>communities. Application of phraseological<br>collocations that have an immediate lexical<br>equivalent in the language in the Tatar poetry may<br>be contextually distributed with the same adverb as<br>their lexical equivalents. It does not add anything<br>new to the meaning of the collocation itself, but such<br>expansion of the boundaries of the fixed collocation<br>may still leave its mark for the meaning in the<br>particular context by introducing new additional<br>shades of meaning that do not exist in its commonlanguage<br>variant.In this paper, an attempt is made to<br>disclose the national uniqueness of emotional<br>experiences of the Tatar people by basing on such<br>general scientific research methods as induction,<br>deduction, observation, analysis and synthesis of the<br>empirical material. Phraseological units of the Tatar<br>language with emotionally colored components<br>were analyzed, which makes it possible to generalize<br>and to assess the representation of the view of the<br>world of the Tatar people. It is proven with results<br>of this research that the humans in the Tatar<br>linguistic view of the world, same as in the Oriental<br>linguistic culture, their emotions and speech aspire<br>to be in harmony by mutually complementing each<br>other. A serious effect of Islamic traditions is<br>observed in the lifestyle, household, and emotions of<br>the Tatars. Relevance. Based on comprehensive<br>analysis of phraseological units, the nationaluniqueness of the world outlook is revealed,<br>methods of nomination and sectioning of the<br>emotional world are demonstrated, as well as the<br>representation of the image of the human in the<br>phraseology of the Tatar language. The results<br>obtained in the course of the research provide the<br>opportunity to represent the relevance for the<br>common theory of the linguistics.</p> Gulnara I Khasanzyanova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Specifics of Integration Processes Development between Russia and Abkhazia http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/76 <p>Research objective is detecting features and<br>contradictions in integration processes between Russia<br>and Abkhazia. The historical and cultural, social and<br>economic, political, strategic relations of two countries<br>are considered. A number of the contracts promoting<br>development of integration of two states after<br>recognition of independence of Abkhazia by Russia are<br>analyzed. It is emphasized that forming close<br>cooperation and integration becomes possible only after<br>recognition of independence of the former Georgian<br>autonomy and establishment with it diplomatic<br>relations. Special attention is paid to specifics of<br>integration form of Russia and Abkhazia, as well as<br>positive and negative factors in its development.<br>Contradictions of the integration processes connected,<br>in particular, with existence of the competing regional<br>projects developing in the Georgia - the European<br>Union and Russia - Abkhazia - the Eurasian Economic<br>Union formats are analyzed. Economic opportunities of<br>Abkhazia and the prospect of development of the<br>relations with the states of South Caucasus are<br>emphasized. In article it is noted that signing of "The<br>contract between the Russian Federation and the<br>Republic of Abkhazia on alliance and strategic<br>partnership" made active the project of construction of<br>the national state assuming independence and carrying<br>out independent foreign and domestic policy. Despite<br>sufficient asymmetry in the relations of two countries,<br>their further development is mutually advantageous<br>process. Authors come to a conclusion that<br>participation of Abkhazia in integration processes with<br>Russia opens not only new opportunities of economic<br>development, but also promotes the solution of political<br>affairs, including the interethnic conflicts.</p> Timur Z. Mansurov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Anniversary of Gabdulla Tuqay of 1938 http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/78 <p>Memory, memory studies is one of the most urgent<br>themes of modern society and social studies. Even the<br>theme of anniversary, various celebrating events as a<br>kind of cultural, history memory become relevant<br>while forming new nations at the end of 19th century.<br>This article tries to understand, interpret Tuqay´s<br>anniversary of 1938 as cultural and ideological<br>phenomena. The authors include it in wide historical<br>and cultural context. The article examines the strategy<br>of propaganda, the specific ways of image´s<br>transformation. The Tuqay´s anniversary and several<br>materials have been analyzed for the first time using<br>memory studies. As a result of studying the problem,<br>we can come to the conclusion that there were parallel<br>processes of cultural, commemorative, ideological<br>manners of poet´s appropriation by Soviet regime.</p> Enzhe M Dusaeva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Political Features of the Extradition http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/79 <p>This article is devoted to the matters of extradition of<br>the persons who have committed a crime and its<br>political characteristics which complicate the<br>procedure, doing it inefficient and dependent on a<br>political situation in the world. The extradition is one<br>of the most used procedures of the international<br>cooperation. However, its legal regulation still needs<br>improvement. According to requirements, extradition<br>of the person who is pursued for political crimes is<br>forbidden. However, what is political crime still isn't<br>clear. In the legislation of the Russian Federation there<br>is no accurate definition and special rules to define<br>whether crime is crime of political character. In this<br>article various definitions and tests which are used in<br>various jurisdictions are considered. Authors consider<br>that the approach chosen by Germany and Switzerland<br>is the most appropriate as considers not only the act,<br>but also motives and consequences as forming structure<br>of political crime. Authors consider that legislative<br>acceptance of definition or the special test can<br>influence in a due measure reduction of influence of<br>policy by the right in the context of an extradition.</p> Kamila D. Shaibakova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Problems of Social-Economic and Demographic Development of Agricultural Population (Based on the Data of the Republic of Tatarstan) http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/80 <p>This study is aimed at identifying contemporary<br>problems of socio-economic and demographic<br>development of the rural population in one of the<br>regions of Russia. The high economic potential of rural<br>areas of the Republic of Tatarstan is revealed in the<br>work. The rural population in Tatarstan is decreasing<br>quite rapidly, and the potential of rural areas is not<br>always properly used. In this study, the example of the<br>Republic of Tatarstan shows how the socio-economic<br>development of a region depends on demographic<br>parameters. All this makes relevant the research aimed<br>at the study and analysis of the reasons for the<br>reduction of the rural population. The study of<br>demographic processes in Tatarstan, using geographic<br>and demographic features at the grass-root territorial<br>level, made it possible to identify stable zones which<br>composition included several regions of administrative<br>regions differing in the course of their demographic<br>processes, what would allow this experience to be used<br>in other territories. The analysis and elaboration at the<br>level of an individual constituent entity made it<br>possible to identify regional features and develop<br>practical recommendations for the transition to regional<br>sustainable development. For a better disclosure of the<br>topic under study, the comparative data of urban and<br>rural populations are used in many ways.<br>Accordingly, concrete results were obtained and<br>practical recommendations were proposed as a result of<br>the study, which should be implemented in the very<br>near future. Modern trends in the development of the<br>rural population were specified in the work.</p> Niyaz K Gabdrakhmanov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Disabled People in the USSR during Khruschev’s Modernization: Regional Aspect http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/84 <p>The situation of disabled people in the USSR is still a<br>poorly understood problem. In the Soviet era, the<br>subject of disabled people was actually under a secret<br>ban, and the scientific works published abroad did not<br>have the necessary research of the source base.<br>Currently, despite the emergence of a number of works<br>in Russia and abroad, this topic still has a significant<br>number of research gaps. One of these gaps is<br>connected with the determination of the influence of<br>modernization carried out in the 1950s-1960s by the<br>leader of the USSR N.S. Khrushchev, on the strength,<br>composition and social status of the disabled people in<br>the country. The regional aspect of this problem,<br>including the special situation of disabled people in the<br>Republic of Tatarstan as one of the important regions<br>(strong points) of ongoing modernization, is very<br>important.<br>The article was prepared on the basis of published<br>sources, the existing corpus of Russian and foreign<br>scientific publications, as well as a wide stratum of the<br>archival materials from the National Archive of the<br>Republic of Tatarstan involved for the first time.<br>The research methods included the statistical analysis<br>of archival materials, a secondary analysis of published<br>scientific researches.<br>The results obtained are correlated with the conclusions<br>of a number of researchers and expand the existing<br>regional studies of social policy during modernization<br>in the 1950s-1960s.</p> Vasil T Sakaev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Analysis of the Lenstra Elliptic Curves Factorization Method http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/90 <p>The problem of factoring a composite natural<br>number into the product of prime factors is a hard<br>computational problem. This problem lies in the base<br>of the well-known open-key RSA cyphering<br>algorithm. In the paper we investigate Lenstra’s<br>Elliptic Curves Factoring Algorithm, which is the<br>third (after the Number Field Sieve and the<br>Quadratic Sieve) by speed algorithm in the world<br>classification of factoring algorithms. Moreover, the<br>speed of this algorithm depends mostly on the size<br>of the minor factor, so it can be applied to very large<br>record numbers. Original Lenstra’s algorithm of<br>1987 year consisted of one stage while later it was<br>shown that in many cases it is more effectively to use<br>the two-stage version.But when we are able to use<br>multi-processors systems, we can arrange parallel<br>computations which use different versions of the<br>basic algorithm and are more effective. In the paper,<br>we consider several improvements tothe<br>LenstraBasic Algorithm and compare them by<br>speed. In particular, we study the special<br>Montgomery presentation of elliptic curves and<br>show that they give a considerable acceleration of<br>the factoring procedure. We measure the speed of<br>four realizations of Lenstra’s algorithm to choose the<br>best one.</p> Albert I Galiev Shamil T. Ishmukhametov Ramilya G. Rubtsova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Self-Regulatory Organizations in Russia and European Countries: Current State and Prospects of Development http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/86 <p>This paper presents the legal nature of self-regulation,<br>the legal status and functions of self-regulating<br>organizations, notes the advantages of self-regulation<br>before state regulation and control. The problems of<br>development of self-regulation, the influence of<br>historical features of the development of countries on<br>the current state of self-regulation are considered. The<br>experience of development and the current state of selfregulation<br>in Russia and in European countries are<br>analyzed. Features of functioning of self-regulating<br>organizations uniting SROs of different countries are<br>described. Separate features characteristic to selfregulation<br>in individual spheres of entrepreneurial<br>activity and the most striking features of self-regulating<br>organizations of individual European countries are<br>specified. The authors consider the current state of the<br>legislation on self-regulation in Russia and the<br>prospects for its improvement. There are identified<br>features of the functioning of self-regulating<br>organizations in the Russian Federation; differences in<br>the development of self-regulation in Russia and the<br>EU are revealed. At the same time, the research<br>conducted allows us to draw a conclusion about<br>common goals, trends, problems and directions of<br>development of self-regulation in Russia and European<br>countries. The authors come to the conclusion that it is<br>necessary to further improve the legislation on selfregulation<br>in Russia, as well as on the need for further<br>study and adoption of positive European experience in<br>the development and functioning of self-regulating<br>organizations.</p> Lilia A. Sungatullina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Active Immunity of the Person in Conditions of Anthropogenic Impact http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/94 <p>The paper presents the results of the assessment of<br>the military's immune system functioning subject to<br>age and distribution by contingent using spontaneous<br>and stimulated NBT-test. The primary study was<br>conducted with distribution by contingent. A<br>spontaneous NBT-test showed that the neutrophil<br>count in blood was higher than normal in 72.1% of<br>the soldiers, officers, and retired military personnel.<br>The average result of the induced NST-test among<br>the active servicemen and retired military personnel<br>showed an excessive neutrophil level in 53.9% of<br>cases. The paper also reflects the results of the<br>analysis of the NBT-test taking into account the age<br>of the servicemen. The comparative analysis of the<br>NBT-test results revealed that 53.9% of the age<br>groups of 18-29 years and 30-39 years has values<br>higher than normal (statistically significant<br>difference). The results of the spontaneous NBT-test<br>exceeding the norm in the stimulated NBT-test<br>indicate an excessive concentration of neutrophils in<br>the blood, and a possible presence of a chronic<br>inflammatory process and a violation of the<br>phagocytic activity of the organism.</p> Ilnur F. Talipov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Secondary Equipment Market in the Positive Economic Development of the Agricultural Sector http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/97 <p>Technical support to and technological<br>modernization of agriculture is an important<br>direction in the development of agricultural<br>production. At present, there is a tendency in<br>agriculture to the obsolescence and break down of<br>equipment. Partly, the acquisition of highperformance<br>equipment and the introduction of<br>resource-saving technologies, the use of combined<br>soil cultivating and sowing units compensates for the<br>deficit. At the same time, the level of supply with<br>technical means of many agricultural enterprises<br>does not allow for timely fulfillment of all<br>technological operations in the set agrotechnical<br>time limits [1]. As a consequence, the role of<br>secondary technology in raising the level of<br>agricultural machinery remains one of the important<br>directions. The object of the study is Ulyanovsk<br>Region. The study presents statistical data for 2011.<br>The grouping of agricultural enterprises in<br>Ulyanovsk region by their financial and economic<br>indicators made it possible to divide all agricultural<br>enterprises of the region into three groups and make<br>recommendations for the development of technical<br>potential. In this situation, the role of secondary<br>machinery in increasing the level of technical<br>provision of agriculture is becoming increasingly<br>important.</p> Airat A. Zamaidinov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Structural Components of the Self-Concept of Adopted Adolescents http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/102 <p>One of the most important distinctive features of<br>adolescence is the formation of the self-concept,<br>which is of crucial importance for all subsequent<br>development and formation of an adolescent as an<br>individual. The study of the self-concept of<br>adolescents from adoptive families is not only<br>relevant, but also socially important, which has not<br>been adequately studied in the scientific literature.<br>The purpose of this paper is to present the revealed<br>features of the structural components of the selfconcept<br>(cognitive, emotional, behavioral and<br>evaluative) of adolescents from adoptive families.<br>The leading methods of research are the ascertaining<br>experiment, testing and statistical processing of the<br>results of the study. The experiment involved 26<br>children aged 11-16 years, brought up in adoptive<br>families. Results: It was found that the adolescents<br>from adoptive families are characterized by<br>sufficient self-awareness and ability to selfreflection.<br>It is important for them to feel needed, but<br>at the same time they have difficulties in choosing a<br>model of behavior in an adoptive family<br>environment, and their prospects for improving<br>relations with others are controversial. Teens rate<br>high the ability to communicate with peers and<br>satisfaction with their status among peers. A realistic<br>attitude toward their behavior is typical of most of<br>the subjects, but they often display negativity<br>towards the requirements of adults. Adolescents are<br>uncritical to their health, to the possibilities of<br>realizing their intellectual abilities and changing<br>their character. System-forming indicators of the<br>self-concept of adolescents from adoptive families are the assessment of one's own behavior and<br>intellectual abilities, the ability to communicate, and<br>the popularity among peers. Relevance of the study<br>is that its results can be an additional source for<br>specifying and supplementing modern theories and<br>practices on the formation of a positive self-concept<br>of adolescents.</p> Albina R. Drozdikova-Zaripova Rumia I. Konsbaeva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Features of Management of Innovative Activity of Small Enterprises http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/104 <p>This paper deals with the features of innovation<br>planning in small enterprises. In view of the lack of<br>innovative analysis techniques adapted to the<br>conditions and peculiarities of small enterprises,<br>small enterprises neglect to consider innovation<br>activity. Therefore, the paper outlines the basic<br>principles of innovative analysis, including private<br>principles for planning innovation in a small<br>enterprise, as well as elements of a system for a<br>comprehensive analysis of the company's innovation<br>activities. The result of the research is the developed<br>algorithm for using the results of evaluation and<br>analysis of innovation activity in the management of<br>the small enterprise.</p> Aida A Safina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Implementation of International Legal Norms by the Russian Federation in the Field of Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment from Pollution http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/106 <p>Historically, the Russian Federation is the leading<br>sea power that is defined by its territorial and<br>geophysical features, existence of exits to three<br>oceans uniting 14 seas, the greatest opening of the<br>Russian seafarers and travelers, and, certainly, an<br>essential contribution to studying of the World<br>Ocean at the present stage. Activity of the Russian<br>Federation in the sphere of protection of the marine<br>environment, is directed to application not only<br>standards of the national right, but also the relevant<br>provisions of international treaties. The constitution<br>of the Russian Federation recognized the<br>conventional principles and rules of international<br>law, and also the international contracts as<br>components of legal system of the Russian<br>Federation, the aspiration to cooperate on the most<br>important questions of providing global<br>environmental problems where protection and<br>preservation of the marine environment acts as one<br>of priority activities, taking into account rapid<br>economic and technological growth, on the basis of<br>understanding of as a part of the world community<br>thereby was expressed. Despite existence throughout<br>a long time of not ecological approach in all&nbsp;directions of economic activity of the states, today,<br>all efforts are bent on introduction of "green"<br>economy which main lines are: reduction of<br>emissions of dangerous pollutants in the atmosphere<br>and in water objects, rational use of natural objects<br>and live resources, use of technologies of<br>renewables, protection and preservation of a<br>biodiversity, improvement of quality of life of<br>people, along with improvement of a condition of all<br>components of the surrounding environment. In<br>article the ecological situation in the Russian<br>Federation in relation to a question of ensuring<br>protection and preservation of the marine<br>environment is analyzed; on the example of the<br>Convention of the UN on marine law of 1982 which<br>is the fundamental document in the field of<br>protection of the marine environment problems of<br>implementation of rules of international law in the<br>Russian legal system, recognition of the main<br>international legal norms by a part of the internal law<br>of Russia, and also validity of the international acts<br>in the field of protection of the marine environment<br>in the territory of the country are investigated.</p> Ksenia B. Valiullina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The International Law of the World Ocean Protection from Oil Pollution http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/107 <p>The role of the World Ocean in the global lifesupport<br>system can’t be overestimated. Covering 2/3<br>of the surface of our planet, it is the largest supplier<br>of Earth's oxygen and the carbon dioxide sink. It<br>participates in climate formation, accumulating heat<br>in summer and giving up it in winter; it ensures a<br>continuous supply of food, consumed by the world's<br>population. Nevertheless, over many decades, the<br>seas and oceans are rapidly becoming contaminated<br>from all possible sources. Practically, there are no<br>reservoirs in the world, the water in which is suitable<br>for drinking. They would have ceased to exist long<br>ago without their daily replenishment with<br>wastewater, poisoned with all sorts of substances and<br>synthetic compounds. The sources of pollution of the<br>marine environment are very diverse and numerous.<br>One of the largest environmental problems of the<br>states today is the pollution of the environment,<br>including the marine pollution with oil and<br>petroleum products. This occurs as due to the<br>violation of mining and processing technology, as a<br>result of accidents of ships, carrying oil in bulk, and<br>in the process of their daily activities. Obviously, the<br>importance of oil in the modern economy is very<br>high, as its use largely determines the degree of<br>economic development of any state. Most of it is&nbsp;used to produce all kinds of fuel (gasoline, diesel,<br>ship fuel, liquefied gas, aviation fuel, heating oil). In<br>addition, oil is used to create synthetic materials, in<br>the production of electricity and heat. At the same<br>time, it should be noted, that the use of oil and<br>petroleum products, practically at all stages, from<br>extraction to processing, involves the generation of a<br>large amount of wastes. As a result of emissions or<br>incineration, they release to the land, water or the<br>atmosphere, and cause irreparable damage to the<br>environment and human health. According to the<br>experts, millions of tons of oil products annually<br>enter the waters of the World Ocean. Due to this,<br>some of the territories of seas and oceans are almost<br>constantly covered with a dense film, oxygen-tight<br>and destructive for living organisms and marine<br>inhabitants. The article assesses the environmental<br>situation in the world, with regard to the protection<br>of the World Ocean from oil pollution. The main<br>sources of oil and petroleum products, entering the<br>seas and oceans were defined; and the need for the<br>states to cooperate in ensuring the universal<br>environmental security, through the compliance with<br>convention provisions, was established in the article.</p> Ksenia B. Valiullina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Wagnerian Myth Through The Mirror of Satirical Iconography http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/108 <p>A personal satirical iconography is a valuable source<br>of information about composers. Developing under<br>the influence of many factors - public opinion,<br>private and professional reputation, friendly or<br>hostile relations with critics and artists - it<br>complements pure facts of musician biographies and<br>analytical materials with an emotionally colored<br>perception. The article examines the satirical images<br>of Richard Wagner, which reflect the peculiarities of<br>the approach to his personality and creativity:<br>internationalism, accentuated publicism, grotesque,<br>denunciation and prolongation to the future.<br>Wagner's iconography was created by the<br>caricaturists of different countries and peoples for a<br>long time. In different periods, the perception of the<br>German composer as a person and an artist was<br>supplemented by new nuances, mostly of negative<br>character. Thus, "Wagnerian myth" appeared in the<br>world of caricature, interpreting its creative path as<br>a chain of annoying delusions and insidious<br>atrocities that had long-term negative consequences<br>in musical art and world history. The composer is<br>shown as a vain and an arrogant man, obsessed with<br>his power delusions, a self-interested person, a<br>demonic personality, the destroyer of classical<br>orchestra standards. In recent decades, there has<br>been the tendency of Wagner's personality<br>"rehabilitation" in a caricature, the perception of his<br>heritage as a stable element of the world musical<br>culture in all the complexity of its components.</p> Aigul A. Vasilova Askar N. Mustafin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Experimental Phonetics in Applied Linguistic Research http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/110 <p>The formation of experimental phonetics was<br>accompanied by an interest to the physical nature of<br>speech sounds. The experimental methodology<br>makes it possible to detail the characteristics of<br>sound formation mechanisms. The foundations of<br>experimental phonetics were first laid at Kazan<br>University at the end of the 19th century. Even then,<br>the phonetic structures of the language were<br>identified as paramount, due to which it became<br>possible to substantiate, creatively and<br>methodologically correctly, the theory and<br>methodology of experimental study of the sound<br>structure of the language, and to predict milestones<br>and steps of future research. Extralinguistic views<br>were largely transmitted through phonetic structures<br>and units. It is really important to assess and reveal<br>the role of phonetics in the formation of the scientific<br>knowledge system, because in the conditions of<br>multilingualism, the sounds of native speech<br>implicitly act as a means to formalize mental spaces<br>(according to the tradition of Kazan Linguistic<br>School, this can be a model of the word<br>phonemography). Acoustic phonetics helps to reveal<br>the general patterns of the dynamics of the speech<br>model in communication between the speakers of<br>heterogeneous languages and to identify vulnerable<br>points in the articulatory base, using the acoustic<br>parameters of sounding speech elements. Modern<br>instrumental research is aimed at describing the<br>acoustic component of speech, which contributes to&nbsp;a further in-depth study of human speech<br>phenomenon as a complex associative aggregate (the<br>definition of V.A.Bogoroditsky, the founder of<br>experimental phonetics in Russia). Our research is<br>aimed at revealing the role and potential of<br>experimental phonetics in the process of phonetic<br>knowledge formation.</p> Denis Martyanov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Some Problems of the Criminal Law Regulation of Economic Relations in the Russian Federation http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/109 <p>The paper is devoted to the problem of criminal<br>responsibility regulation for crimes in the sphere of<br>economy. The latest novels of the criminal law in terms<br>of criminalizing a number of acts that encroach on<br>property and economic relations in general were<br>subjected to critical analysis. Based on the analysis of<br>the provisions of the current criminal legislation<br>regulating the responsibility of accomplices in group<br>andorganized crimes, the authors noted the<br>imperfection of designing a whole series of aggravated<br>(especially aggravated) crimes in the economic sphere,<br>which is caused by the smoothing significant<br>differences in the degree of public danger of joint<br>execution in the form of a group of persons in collusion<br>and organized forms of complicity in the form of an<br>organized crime group.The issues of implementation of<br>thefairness principle both in relation topersons released<br>from criminal liability as a result of their positive postcriminal<br>behavior, and in relation to victims of crimes<br>are investigated.Proposals were made to improve the<br>legislation and practice of its application.</p> Sergey A Baleev Ramil R. Gayfutdinov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Effect of Antiepileptic Therapy on the Development of Cognitive Functions in Children with Epilepsy: Introduction To The Problem http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/111 <p>Epilepsy is a chronic disease, and the control of<br>seizures requires a long-term – and sometimes<br>lifelong – treatment with antiepileptic drugs (AEDs).<br>The most important goal of epilepsy<br>pharmacotherapy is the maximum effectiveness of<br>AEDs, which is determined by the ability to<br>completely stop epileptic seizures with a minimum<br>of side effects. The most frequent undesirable drug<br>reactions recorded during antiepileptic therapy are<br>their sedative effect, memory impairment and<br>attention problems. In this regard, it is especially<br>important to assess the impact of AEDs on cognitive<br>functions during the long-term treatment. The article<br>is devoted to the problem of studying the<br>development of speech and other cognitive functions<br>in children with different forms of epilepsy against<br>the background of antiepileptic therapy using a set of<br>methods for studying brain processes. The number<br>of children with speech disorders and the delay in the<br>development of cognitive functions in the world is<br>steadily increasing. A special group of children with<br>disorders of this kind are children with epilepsy,<br>since they are contraindicated with drugs<br>traditionally used by neurologists in the therapy of<br>speech disorders. The influence of antiepileptic<br>therapy on the development of speech functions at<br>the moment has not been studied in detail. The<br>linguistic component of psychometric instruments,<br>including the evaluation of speech development,<br>cognitive functions, especially in children and<br>adolescents with epilepsy in Russia currently needs<br>serious scientific development and experimental&nbsp;justification with a focus on European samples with<br>the aim of optimizing joint international research.</p> Rimma Gamirova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Analysis of Russian Population Incomes for 2012-2015 http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/113 <p>Population incomes and their structural indicators<br>are one of the most important criteria of the state<br>welfare. Dynamic changes analysis of the population<br>incomes clearly demonstrates how efficiently the<br>economy functions. The ignorance of certain trends<br>emergence in the economy is meaningless, because<br>they define the direction of the state's economic<br>policy.In the study, the team of authors analyzed<br>statistics for the period 2012-2015. Such indicators<br>as the level of income of the Russian Federation<br>population, the structure of the income use, the main<br>sources of income, and the degree of income<br>differentiation were considered.It was revealed, that<br>for the period 2012-2015, the real income of<br>Russians decreased, while nominal income changed<br>in ascending order. Such fluctuations were<br>connected with an outpacing increase in<br>inflation.There is a decline in yield from<br>entrepreneurial activity among the main sources of<br>income of the Russian Federation population. In the<br>structure of the income use, there is a significant<br>distortion towards saving in 2015, that is due to the<br>unstable economic situation in the country. Although<br>this figure still makes up a small part of the total<br>share.Also, using the Gini coefficient, the degree of&nbsp;differentiation of the population incomes was<br>calculated. The results of the calculations showed,<br>that the income differences of Russian citizens were<br>very significant.This article is a representation of the<br>real state of incomes of Russian citizens in 2012-<br>2015, based on official statistics.</p> Aigul A. Vasilova Askar N. Mustafin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Communicative Grammar Phenomenon as the Reflection of the Anthropocentric Worldview of the Contemporary Humanitarian Discourse http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/112 <p>The article highlights the actual theoretical and<br>methodological issues of communicative grammar from<br>the point of view of the "new" communicative trend in<br>teaching Russian as a foreign language considering the<br>anthropocentric worldview of the contemporary<br>humanitarian discourse. The relevance of the stated<br>problem is caused by the absence in the modern<br>methodological and anthropological "picture of the<br>world" of clear criteria for description for the separation<br>of the "traditional" and "non-traditional" approach to<br>communicative grammar. The authors raise the question<br>of the continuity of methodological traditions, tracing the<br>development of the communicative approach, revealing<br>its theoretical prerequisites and "involvement" in the<br>modern anthropological paradigm of humanitarian<br>discourse. Relative-comparative methods, the use of<br>discourse analysis techniques allowed the authors of the<br>article to approach the anthropocentric (cultural)<br>understanding of the reasons for shifting the interests of<br>grammarians from the device of the language system<br>(traditional grammar) to its functioning ("non-traditional<br>grammar" or grammar of the "speaker"). Despite the<br>significant differences between the three main "nontraditional"<br>approaches (functional-communicative<br>grammar, the theory of functional grammar and the<br>applied theory of functional-communicative syntax),<br>their basis is the orientation toward text and immersion in<br>the discursive space of the language being studied. The<br>main result of this research is the understanding of the<br>phenomenal essence of communicative grammar as a<br>linguistic and cultural fact, and the practical way out is<br>the use of the methodological principles of<br>communicative grammar as a nucleus in the modern<br>linguodidactic model in the study of the Russian<br>language as a foreign language.</p> Julia V. Kapralova Liliya R. Akhmerova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Student Youth with Predisposition to Deviant Behavior, Depending on the Field of Study http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/114 <p>Normative systems of society do not stand still. With<br>changing the norms, the attitude towards them also<br>changes. The deviation from the norm is as natural<br>as adherence to them. The most vulnerable group are<br>the students whose system of views and principles is<br>in the process of formation, and the system of values<br>and norms that has not fixed yet cannot provide the<br>necessary guidelines for behavior. The study<br>attempted to study the dependence of proneness to<br>violate social norms and rules by men and women<br>with regard to the disciplines studied. The study was<br>carried out using the methods by A.N. Orel<br>“Diagnosis of Predisposition to Deviant<br>Behavior”.309 students (249 women, 60 men) took<br>part in the study. The results of the study revealed<br>that the difference in the tendency to deviate from<br>the norms among the students of the same sex is that<br>men pursuing the humanities, in contrast to men of<br>natural science, are more prone to risk, they need<br>thrilling experience. The comparison of men and<br>women studying humanitarian disciplines showed<br>that women are inclined to conflict with the<br>generally accepted lifestyle and legal norms. Men<br>have a proneness to an illusory and compensatory<br>solution of personal problems, in addition, they are&nbsp;prone to various kinds of addictions. The results of<br>the research can be of interest to the specialists<br>working in the system of prevention of deviant<br>behavior.</p> Yanna G. Garanina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Extradition Legislation in the Russian Federation and Germany: A Comparative Analysis http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/115 <p>The article focuses on questions of legislative<br>framework of extradition of the figutives. In the<br>Russian Federation the norms concerning extradition<br>are fragmented and often not ordered. So, authors of<br>article have made the assumption that creation of the<br>federal law on an extradition can serve systematization<br>of knowledge of procedure and improve efficiency of<br>its application in practice. As the proof of this theory<br>authors have addressed experience of Germany. In<br>Germany there is a special law on the international<br>cooperation in criminal cases. This law is detailed and<br>systematized and regulates questions of extradition of<br>persons. The comparative and legal analysis of some<br>provisions of the German law and standards of the<br>Russian legislation are addressed in this article. The<br>provided analysis shows that some areas aren't<br>regulated by the existing federal legislation, such as,<br>for example, extradition of persons for commission of<br>military crimes. The international obligations assumed<br>by Russia only complicate understanding of a question.<br>Based on comparison of legislations, the conclusion<br>has been drawn on need of development of the<br>legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of<br>extradition of persons. Adoption of law similar to the<br>laws of Germany can become a step in development of<br>the legislation and bring more effectiveness in the use<br>of rules of law for protection of interests of the state<br>and human rights.</p> Kamila D Shaibakova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Management of Regional Social and Economic Conflicts Under the Conditions of The Russian Crisis 2014-2017: Case of The Republic of Tatarstan http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/116 <p>This paper analyzes various regional conflicts in the<br>conditions of the current Russian social and<br>economic crisis. These conflicts are universal, and<br>arise even in dynamically developing territories and<br>in donor regions. As an example, the case of the<br>Republic of Tatarstan is used. The paper deals with<br>the four-link typology of modern, mainly economic<br>conflicts, which prevail today in the Republic of<br>Tatarstan and other regions of Russia. These include:<br>social and labor conflicts; conflicts of property<br>division (in the most intensive form - illegal<br>seizures); conflicts of development companies and<br>equity holders due to unleased housing; conflicts of<br>financial insolvency of a number of banks. Two<br>types of conflicts have no institutional framework<br>for regulation, and another two encourage protests<br>and social tension. The process of conflict<br>management is considered through the degree of<br>effectiveness of mechanisms and practices of the<br>activities of regional authorities in various situations.<br>The most destructive and socially dangerous in the<br>last two years are the conflicts in the banking sector<br>of the Russian regions. In Tatarstan, the<br>impossibility of paying depositors to several banks<br>at once led to the banking crisis and its strict<br>regulation through the revocation of licenses by the<br>National Bank of Russia.</p> Andrey G. Bolshakov Dilya R. Garifullina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Logistic Regression as an Instrument of the Personnel Policy in an Organization http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/117 <p>Satisfaction with work is one of the most important<br>factors in ensuring high productivity and stability of an<br>enterprise. The purpose of this paper is to identify and<br>analyze the factors influencing the satisfaction, and to<br>develop a model that allows us to determine the<br>possible problem of high personnel turnover and the<br>mechanisms for its resolution. In the survey there were<br>used data from the questionnaire provided by the<br>Russian Monitoring of the Economic Situation and<br>People Health of the National Research University -<br>Higher School of Economics (RLMS-HSE) and the<br>binary logistic regression method, in which the<br>dependent variable is labor satisfaction, and the<br>independent variables are groups of social, economic<br>and institutional factors. The model for the<br>construction activity sphere developed with the help of<br>the statistical software package SPSS, makes it<br>possible to calculate the probability that an employee<br>under study is satisfied with his/her work, and showed<br>that the average duration of a working day at the<br>primary work location, the level of education, the<br>satisfaction with one's material situation, opportunities<br>to improve housing conditions are the most valuable<br>among the factors under consideration. The authors<br>obtained an effective tool that can be used in personnel<br>management both to determine the threat of staff<br>turnover and to select the necessary measure of<br>influence on sensitive indicators in order to increase<br>job satisfaction of an employee under study.</p> David B. Katz Diana I. Makhmutova Nadezhda A. Opokina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 International Legal Regulation of Russian-Iranian Cooperation in Energetics and Caspian Sea Delimitation http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/118 <p>The article is devoted to the history of contractual<br>relations’ development between Russia and Iran,<br>dated back to XVI century. Particular meaning is<br>given to the period stipulated by concluding of<br>delimitation contracts between Russia and Iran<br>concerning Caspian Sea, beginning on XIX century.<br>It is important to note the capitulation contracts,<br>marking Russian- Iranian relations in the period of<br>reigned Russia and USSR. Currently, cooperation of<br>Iran and Russia is appeared on different aspects with<br>taking into consideration geopolitical situation,<br>influenced on bilateral relations: labor power,<br>natural resources, oil, gas, peaceful uses of atomic<br>energy, inexhaustible energy sources, military and<br>economic resources, export and import of goods.<br>Intergovernmental agreements in the sphere of<br>energetics are of key importance. 2017 year has<br>become fruitful for contractual Russian-Iranian<br>relations. Nowadays more than 300 contracts have<br>been concluded known by authors of article from<br>official resources. The list is not exhausted with this.<br>For example, the agreement on cooperation in the<br>sphere of peaceful uses of atomic energy stipulating<br>the realization of nuclear technologies in medicine,&nbsp;agriculture and industry, fundamental researches in<br>the sphere of nuclear physics was concluded in<br>1992.</p> Gulnara R. Shaihutdinova Mohammadreza Malmir Elmira N. Malmir ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Innovative Activity as a Factor of Anti-Crisis Development in the Conditions of State Support (On The Example of Naberezhnye Chelny) http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/120 <p>This paper deals with the features of innovative<br>development within the framework of anti-crisis<br>management. The problem of managing<br>organizations in crisis conditions is most relevant<br>today, while effective anti-crisis management should<br>bring the organization to a new level of<br>development. Innovations are relevant with timely<br>anti-crisis management, a shortage of resources<br>allows using effectively state support and conditions<br>that make it possible to implement changes. The<br>methodological basis of the study is a dialectical<br>method of cognition and a systematic approach to the<br>analysis of the studied facts and phenomena.<br>Methods of analysis used in various combinations at<br>each stage of the study, depending on the purpose of<br>the study and the problems examined, contributed to<br>the increase of the reliability and validity of the<br>conclusions made by the author. The results of<br>implementation of the programs of state support of<br>small business in the Republic of Tatarstan of the<br>Russian Federation, in particular in the city of<br>Naberezhnye Chelny, are analyzed. Based on the<br>analysis, the main problems arising in the<br>implementation of state programs are outlined. It is<br>emphasized that the implementation of state support<br>programs for small and medium-sized businesses is<br>an important factor in the innovative development of<br>enterprises and the overall economy of the region.<br>Such a conclusion allowed for a&nbsp;comparative<br>analysis of two innovative sites of the Krai<br>Innovative Platforms “Master” and Business<br>Incubator in Naberezhnye Chelny. The paper<br>substantiates the necessity of the subsequent<br>monitoring of enterprises that have received state<br>support.</p> Ekaterina V. Krotkova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Status and Social Role of Girl’s Religious Educational Institutions of The Late XIX - The Beginning of The XX Century (On The Basis of Kazan, The Principal Town of Province) http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/119 <p>The paper examines the status ofreligious girl’s schools<br>in the Russian Empire in the late XIX - early XX<br>centuries, as well as their social role. In the period<br>under consideration, the beginning of which is<br>connected with the end of the "Great Reforms" era of<br>the 1860s-1870s and the so-called "counter-reforms" of<br>the 1880s, changes and status of girl’s religious schools<br>have been taking place during the evolution of the<br>secular and religious education system, as well as<br>changes in Russia's social life. These changes were<br>analyzed by the authors of the paper on the basis of<br>available published and archival sources concerning<br>the activities of the two colleges of Kazan, the<br>principal city of the province (the center of the<br>government educational district and one of the dioceses<br>of the Russian Orthodox Church): the Kazan Synodal<br>Girl’s School and the Kazan Diocesan Girl’s School,<br>with the involvement of modern methodological<br>instrumentation of historical science.<br>The conclusions reached by the authors allowed them<br>to talk about the increase in the social role of girl’s<br>religious schools during the period under<br>consideration, and about their desire to go deeper into<br>the all-Russian public education system and the<br>changing social structure of the Russian society of the<br>modernization era, which, however, was ambiguously<br>perceived in society and provoked discussions on this<br>issue.<br>The materials and conclusions of the paper can be<br>useful to all those who are interested in the issues of<br>Russia's social history, the regional history of the<br>Russian province, the history of Church and public<br>education, as well as to religious scholars, sociologists<br>and managers of the education system.</p> Gulshat M Mustafina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Structural-Group Composition of Heavy Oil Conversion Products Using FTIR Spectroscopy http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/121 <p>The decrease of oil production with its simultaneous<br>price increase and a growing demand for petroleum<br>products leads to the importance increase of heavy<br>hydrocarbon raw materials. The processing of heavy<br>petroleum raw materials in water vapor using oxide<br>type catalysts containing the metals of variable<br>valence is a promising trend, but there are some<br>problems for the study of liquid and solid conversion<br>products of such raw materials that differ from<br>traditional fractions of oil refining. There is the need<br>to choose an informative research method that<br>allows to analyze the structure and the composition<br>of the products obtained quickly and with great<br>accuracy. One of such methods is Fourier infrared<br>spectroscopy method, widely used to study the<br>structural-group composition of oil and petroleum<br>products, which allows to determine more precisely<br>the presence of certain functional groups in the<br>composition of the products under study as<br>compared to the chemical methods. Using Fourier<br>infrared spectroscopy method, they studied the<br>products of hydrothermal-catalytic conversion of<br>heavy oil in a water vapor medium and in the<br>presence of a natural hematite catalyst at the<br>temperatures of 210, 250 and 300 °C. The effect of<br>temperature and water content in the reaction<br>mixture on the yield and the composition of<br>experiment products is shown. Under&nbsp;of<br>hydrocarbons takes place due to the destruction of<br>high-molecular hydrocarbons, resins and<br>asphaltenes. It has been established that the increase<br>of temperature and the decrease of water content lead<br>to the increase of test product aromaticity and<br>oxidation degree with the development of insoluble<br>asphaltene and coke product fraction. The method of<br>Fourier infrared spectroscopy makes it possible to<br>fix changes in the composition of products with a<br>great accuracy and can serve as the control of heavy<br>hydrocarbon raw material processing.</p> Ilmira M. Abdrafikova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Thermal Studies of Polymeric Foams Used in Engineering http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/122 <p>Polymeric foams, used in the production of aircraft,<br>are consideredin the article. Thermogravimetric<br>analysis and differential scanning calorimetry were<br>used to conduct thermal studies of rigid polyimide<br>foam materials. It was shown, that the process of<br>thermal destruction of these foams hadthree stages of<br>different intensity: the destruction of rigid segment<br>with the formation of initial components and the<br>emission of volatile elements; the activation of<br>thermo-oxidative processes; the decomposition,<br>accompanied by considerable heatrelease. Infrared<br>spectroscopy was used to estimate the influence of<br>the content of volatile components on the glass<br>transition temperature of rigid polyimide foams. It<br>was found, that the presence of volatile substances<br>led to a decrease in the glass transition temperature of<br>the foam materials.</p> Natalia V Romanova Lenar N. Shafigullin Tamara M. Kokina Ibrahimov Aynar Gulnaz R. Shafigullina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Use of Mortgage-Investment Analysis to Study the Behavior of the Population in the Residential Real Estate Market in the City of Kazan http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/124 <p>The study considers the issues of making a decision on<br>investing in residential real estate. The investment<br>efficiency was assessed using and without using<br>borrowed funds at different rates of rent growth. In the<br>course of the mortgage market research, the<br>preponderance of the offer of loans with an annuity<br>repayment method was found.<br>The necessity of using discounting instead of<br>capitalization in mortgage-investment analysis is<br>substantiated. This is due to instability in the cash<br>flows of owners. There may be cases of negative cash<br>flows during the initial stages of investing in real estate<br>with mortgage lending, which are covered by the net<br>cash flow of subsequent stages. It is proved that the<br>expectation by the population of a high level of<br>inflation in the real estate rental market, which<br>influences the price of real estate, facilitates the<br>implementation of real estate transactions.<br>However, the investment evaluation model based on<br>the capitalization formula does not allow this decision<br>to explain, since it assumes the stability of cash flows<br>in time.<br>Debt and equity are considered as sources of capital<br>formation when investing. The practical importance of<br>this study is represented by the analysis of the<br>effectiveness of differentiated and annuity methods for<br>repayment of a loan which are used by the leading<br>subjects of mortgage lending: JSC Gazprombank and<br>PJSC Sberbank.<br>In the course of the study, a detailed analysis of the<br>dynamics of rental price growth and prices of real<br>estate objects was made using the example of a oneroom<br>apartment for 2009-2017. On the basis of the<br>analysis, the interrelation of price dynamics is<br>revealed, the feature of which is the existence of an<br>annual lag between the growth of rental prices and the<br>growth of prices for residential real estate.</p> Nail M. Gabdullin Igor A Kirshin Linar G Ibragimov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Waders of Lake Cartma (The Systems of Coastal Lakes of the North Aral Sea, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan) http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/125 <p>Up to the 1960's, the system of lakes in the delta of<br>the Syr Darya River and the Large Aral Sea have<br>been a unified system of connections for the<br>biocenosis. Birds, nesting here, as well as migrating<br>to Siberia from wintering in North Africa, SouthWest<br>Asia, choose this territory as the area for the<br>rest, breaks, replenishment of reserves. The rapid fall<br>of the Aral Sea level, due to the water stress of<br>influent rivers the Syr Darya and the AmuDarya<br>resulted in a decrease in the water area of the single<br>terminal basin, and deterioration of the environmental<br>situation in the Aral Sea region. Lake systems of the<br>Syr Darya delta in 2012 were included in the list of<br>wetlands of universal importance, protected by the<br>international Ramsar Convention. Lake Cartma, until<br>the last regression of the Aral Sea, was a floodplain<br>on the eastern part of the reservoir. The materials of<br>bird counts of Lake Cartma are presented in the<br>article for the spring-summer season of 2017.<br>Specialized surveys of avifauna have been carried out<br>by authors since 2014. The lake's avifauna is<br>represented by species of limnophiles, which are<br>characterized by seasonal residence during migration<br>and nesting. Most of the limnophiles of Lake<br>Cartmaare waders, represented by 18 species. Nesting<br>species prevailbyseasonality; other species visit the<br>lake during the spring-autumn migrations and<br>summer migrations. The only species,listed in the<br>Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is the<br>sociable plover, transient bird, noted during the<br>spring counts.</p> N.S. Sihanova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Avifauna of the Lake Systems in the Delta of the Syr Darya River (Lake Cartma) http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/126 <p>The change in the indicator of specific variety and the<br>quantitative structure of the population of birds in the<br>system of lakes of the SyrDarya River delta (Lake<br>Cartma)were analyzed by the authors. Since 2012,<br>Syr Darya River lake system has been included in the<br>Convention on the Wetlands of International<br>Importance Especially as Wildlife Habitat, also called<br>Ramsar Convention. Change in the level of the Syr<br>Darya River directly affects water security of Lake<br>Cartma. The object of the research is water objects,<br>restored according to the program “Syr Darya<br>Control and Northern Aral Sea” Project<br>(SYNAS).Investigations were carried out for the<br>purpose of studying the avifauna of Lake Cartma.<br>Defining the status of residence of bird species in the<br>restored zone of a coastal strip was a basic task. 59<br>bird species from 10 groups with total quantity of<br>3147 individuals were noted. According to the<br>abundance of species of Lake Cartma, limnophiles<br>are dominated (waders). The degree of dominance of<br>avifauna species, their share in total quantity of bird<br>species were considered in detail. The lake is<br>characterized by a comparatively small number of<br>birds and low population density of waterfowl. There<br>were five species, listed in the Red Book of the<br>Republic of Kazakhstan. Information is new for the<br>studied object.</p> N.S. Sihanova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Network Communities of Destructive Direction in Social Networks of Runet http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/127 <p>The aim of the study is to identify the place and role<br>of youth online communities in the design of ultraradical<br>concepts of social networks. Some<br>characteristics, aspects and trends of youth of<br>destructive communication in the social network<br>Vkontakte are given. Virtual communication is seen<br>as a special form of social interaction on the Internet.<br>The study is interdisciplinary. When studying the<br>network virtual space, the authors used the structuralfunctional<br>and social-cultural approach.<br>The term "new media", which is regarded as an<br>integral part of the Internet space was updated.<br>Technological features of new media give the<br>opportunity to effectively mobilize the people for any<br>constructive or destructive actions.<br>Social networks and media hosting are the main<br>venue for the ultra-radical organizations, which use<br>the technologies of information warfare, especially<br>against young people, in the virtual space. Internet<br>communication has some basic characteristics as<br>interactivity, multimedia and autonomy.<br>Not only conformal or non-political structures are the<br>examples of social self-organization of young people,<br>but also destructive communication strategy and<br>communities in the network space. Destructive<br>network type of communication goes from virtual<br>reality to objective reality, which allows ultra-radical<br>groups to begin asserting themselves in the Internet,<br>and then to go beyond virtual reality and transform<br>into various forms of extremist behavior of young<br>people in real space.<br>Ultra-radical content in the online space is destructive<br>ideological concept, which lays the motives of<br>political, ideological, racial, national, religious<br>hatred, xenophobia or hatred against any ethnic,<br>religious or social group.</p> Timur Z Mansuro ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Post-Perestroika Ideologemes Survey (Based on the Newspaper “Izvestiya” http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/128 <p>The ability of linguistic units to generate new<br>connotative and associative meanings (that is,<br>intentionality) is especially relevant for political<br>rhetoric, the function of which is to influence an<br>audience as a rule. A created semantic field requires a<br>detailed analysis both from the point of view of<br>political science and from the point of view of<br>linguistics, since ideologemes are the phenomenon of<br>political reality and a language fact simultaneously.<br>The study is devoted to the understanding of the postperestroika<br>period ideological system. In the<br>framework of the political-journalistic discourse (based<br>on the material of the daily "Izvestia" issues in 1992)<br>eight thematic groups of post-perestroika period<br>ideologemes were singled out by the method of<br>continuous sampling (the total number of ideologeme<br>uses was 1658 units). Ideological nature, repeatability<br>and evaluation were referred to the obligatory signs of<br>an ideologeme (understood as the ability to influence<br>an existing picture of the world).<br>The study used descriptive method, the method of<br>continuous sampling of material, quantitative methods<br>and the method of semantic-cognitive analysis. The<br>systematization of the selected groups of ideologemes<br>is performed on various grounds (from the point of<br>view of relevance / irrelevance in the ideological<br>picture of the world under consideration, taking into<br>account the pragmatic component, in terms of use and<br>understanding by native speakers). The significance of<br>the ideological units under consideration is<br>characterized and their importance in the analyzed<br>period is found using the material of the newspaper<br>"Izvestia".<br>The leading "democratic" ideologems did not form the<br>basis of modern political discourse, as the promises of<br>a "golden" democratic future were not justified. The<br>results of the research can be applied for further<br>theoretical understanding of the post-Soviet political<br>myth.</p> Azaliya R. Gizatullina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Bandwidth Enhancement of Symmetrical Fourth-Teeth-Shaped Microstrip Antenna http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/129 <p>The microstrip antenna with a symmetrical rectangular<br>radiator and four teeth is described. The influence of<br>the base geometric parameters of the antenna on the<br>bandwidth at the base frequency was studied. The<br>following geometric parameters of the antenna are<br>selected: the length and the width of the radiator, the<br>depth of cuts, the thickness of the substrate, the length<br>of the ground plane and the width of the feed line. The<br>regression analysis was carried out and the<br>mathematical model describing the dependence of the<br>bandwidth on the length and the width of the radiator<br>and the depth of the cuts was developed. The rootmean-square<br>error and the relative absolute error of the<br>model were calculated. The graphs of the bandwidth<br>dependences on the geometric parameters are<br>presented.<br>It was established that the decrease of the bandwidth<br>values is associated with an increase of the radiator<br>width and the substrate thickness. It was shown that a<br>slight influence on the bandwidth are made by the<br>changes of the radiator length and the depths of the<br>cuts only in the case when the radiator width is much<br>smaller than its length. The proposed formula<br>describing the relationship of the bandwidth with the<br>geometric parameters of the antenna can be used to<br>design a four-tooth antenna with wide bandwidth.</p> Angelina G Markina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Complex of Stone Tools of the Chalcolithic Igim Settlement http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/130 <p>The article presents the results of a typological and a<br>functional study of stone objects collection part (408<br>items) originating from trench 2 on a multi-layered<br>Igim site situated in the Lower Kama reservoir zone at<br>the confluence of the Ik and Kama rivers (Russian<br>Federation, Republic of Tatarstan). The site was<br>inhabited for three periods - during the Neolithic, the<br>Eneolithic and the Late Bronze Age. In the course of<br>research conducted by P.N. Starostin and R.S.<br>Gabyashev, stone artifacts were discovered, probably<br>related to the Eneolithic era. After their traceological<br>research, it was possible to identify a number of stone<br>tools categories by their functional purpose. The<br>obtained data helped to identify the main tool<br>complexes: woodworking one and the complex for the<br>cutting and the processing of hunting production. On<br>the territory of the studied dwelling, not only the<br>cutting of the carcasses was carried out, but also the<br>further hide-processing. At the same time, there are no<br>such categories of tools as drills and axes. Also the<br>inventory has a knife for grass cutting and a knife for<br>cutting cereals; their presence, perhaps, indicates the<br>appearance of the plant cultivation elements by the<br>inhabitants. The obtained data will be supplemented in<br>the course of further study of other items from the<br>collection of the Igim settlement.</p> Leonard F Nedashkovsky ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Construction of Integration Vectors for Secreted Expression of Bacterial Phytase in Yarrowia Lipolytica http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/131 <p>Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica is a handy tool for efficient<br>production of heterologous proteins. In this work we<br>report the construction of integration vectors for<br>secretion of bacterial phytase by these yeasts. Pantoea<br>sp. 3.5.1 histidine acid phytase encoding gene sequence<br>was codon-optimized and chemically synthetized.<br>Optimized and native phytase gene sequences were<br>cloned into integrative vector pINA1296, containing<br>signal sequence of XPR2 gene. Vectors were multiplied<br>in E.coli DH5α, isolated and linearized for successful<br>integration into Y.lipolytica genome by homologeous<br>recombination in pBR-region. Y.lipolytica strains with<br>integrated bacterial native and optimized phytase genes<br>were obtained.</p> Aliya D Suleimanova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Transformational Technique of Interactive Systems Development http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/132 <p>In recent years there has been a great deal of<br>interest in developing the interactive systems.<br>A wide variety of class of pгоb1ems requiring an<br>interactive wау of solution and new facilities<br>represented by computers project development<br>of the new interactive systems. In order to<br>increase the efficiency of a development process<br>and to attain high qua1ity of these systems we<br>need the appropriate technological tools. Among<br>such technological tools transformational<br>technique of software development seems to be<br>very useful [1,2] . This technique provides a<br>possibility of computer-assisted transformation of<br>programs according to given transformation<br>rules to generate new programs or to make<br>reduction (optimizing) of existing ones. In this<br>report we consider an app1ication of<br>transformationa1 technique to interactive system<br>development. We represent а соnсeptua1 model<br>of an interactive system with the special<br>functions providing an interactive control and<br>methods of transformation of the “scenario”<br>type interactive system into equivalent system with<br>the “built-in” program interaction. Such<br>transformation seems to be reasonable in case<br>of repeatedly reusing the same scenario in order<br>to increase the efficiency of a dialogue<br>interaction. The conceptions and methods<br>represented in the report were applied to the<br>development of interactive tools supporting<br>СAD , Data Base and СAI- systems [3].</p> Rustam A. Burnashev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 A Practical Approach to an Automated Accounting System Development of the Study Results of Historical and Architectural Sites of the Island of Sviyazhsk http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/133 <p>The 16th century Assumption Cathedral is a true pearl<br>of the architectural ensemble of the island town of<br>Sviyazhsk (Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation).<br>Restoration of architectural appearance of the site has<br>been in progress for over a hundred years. This has<br>resulted in an urgent need for systematization and<br>accounting of restoration and research results, as well<br>as monitoring and control of the current condition. An<br>automation system was decided to be established in<br>order to resolve these issues.<br>The following two major goals are planned to be<br>achieved as part of development of the automation<br>system. On the basis of the established knowledge<br>base, a specialist is going to be able to perform a<br>damage evaluation of the site, determine a complex of<br>protective and salvage activities, and use the<br>accumulated knowledge to carry out scientific research<br>of the site.<br>The visualization module is going to contain models of<br>the World Heritage Site in 2D and 3D formats with<br>indication of sampling locations.<br>The monitoring of sites includes surveillance of the<br>variations of temperature and humidity conditions in<br>the course of time and storage of the previously<br>obtained THC data.<br>The automation system is going to contain all<br>periodical and current observations and research of the<br>object.<br>Apart from the automation system, a physical sample<br>database is planned to be established. Each sample is<br>going to be assigned a unique number, and the data on<br>each sample contained in the knowledge base is going<br>to include information on the location and date of<br>sampling, as well as the physical storage location of the<br>sample.<br>Thus, the result of development of the automation<br>system is going to consist in the establishment of a<br>unified information system comprising few modules.</p> Eugenia F. Shaykhutdinova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Multimodal Art Therapy for Overcoming Negative Emotional States among Adolescents http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/134 <p>Psychological and pedagogical support for<br>schoolchildren during the adolescent age crisis is<br>acute social problem today. Over the past 2016, the<br>number of attempts of adolescent suicide has<br>increased 1.5 times. The number of teenagers, which<br>have computer and game addiction, is constantly<br>growing, the number of schoolchildren,<br>demonstrating aggressive antisocial behavior,<br>remains at a high level.<br>The purpose of this study was to develop a program<br>to overcome negative emotional states of adolescents,<br>using multimodal art therapy.<br>The choice of multimodal art therapy, as a means of<br>overcoming communicative barriers, was determined<br>by its orientation on acquiring a variety of sensory<br>and communicative experiences by participants,<br>through the use of artistic, creative and play<br>activities.<br>The methods of theoretical scientific cognition were<br>used in the process of research. They allowed to<br>distinguish the characteristics of negative emotional<br>state in adolescents (the level of personal anxiety, the<br>level of aggression, the presence of suicidal risk, the<br>feeling of chronic fatigue, and the difficulties in<br>interacting with adults and peers).<br>The result of investigation was the program to<br>overcome the negative emotional state of adolescents,<br>using multimodal art therapy. Approbation of the<br>developed program revealed its effectiveness as one<br>of the possible forms of psychological and<br>pedagogical support of schoolchildren during the<br>adolescent crisis.</p> Juliya L. Blinova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Diagnostics and Treatment of Varicose Veins of Lower Extremities in Children and Adolescents http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/135 <p>Experience of diagnostics and treatment of varicose<br>vein disease in 242 children and adolescents is<br>presented in the article. The aim of the work is to<br>study the experience of use of endovascular and laser<br>technologies in treatment of varicose veins in<br>children and adolescents.<br>CEAP classification was used in diagnostics. Authors<br>applied open surgery, sclerotherapy, laser coagulation<br>of varicose veins. All results were satisfactory good.<br>There were no complications. Conclusions of the<br>work: the treatment of varicose veins in children and<br>adolescents always required individual approach;<br>timely beginning conservative treatment allows to<br>achieve recovery in a large group of patients; so such<br>tactics are justified as starting in all patients; the use<br>of compression sclerotherapy and endovascular laser<br>obliteration allows to get recovery with best postoperative<br>cosmetic results.</p> A.L. Mirolyubov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Improving Professional Speech Culture of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/136 <p>The article proposed is devoted to the study of typical<br>mistakes in speech of the students-philologists passing<br>the pedagogical practice in the Russian language and the<br>development of practical recommendations on forming<br>the professional speech culture of future teachersphilologists<br>in the context of recommendations of the<br>teacher's professional standard and on the basis of<br>modern scientific research in pedagogical rhetoric,<br>pedagogical speech, orthology and communication<br>theory. The paper presents the sample analysis results of<br>the statements of students-trainees and teachers of the<br>Russian language. The study purpose is to develop<br>practical recommendations for improving the<br>professional speech culture of teachers-philologists. The<br>leading research methods included such as analysis,<br>observation, comparison, generalization. We classified<br>and described intonation, speech, grammatical, logical,<br>ethical, communicative and other errors in the speech of<br>students. Our conclusions: more attention should be paid<br>to the study of some features of speech behavior and<br>speech impact of leading teachers with subsequent<br>analysis, to the inclusion of the intonation drawing of the<br>lesson (for beginner teachers) in the lesson abstract<br>(technological map of a lesson), to the fixing of<br>individual difficulties with subsequent correction in<br>training the teachers-philologists. The materials of this<br>article are of practical value for improving the work on<br>forming the subject and professional competencies of the<br>teacher-philologist in the conditions of introducing the<br>professional standard of a teacher.</p> Аnna A. Larionova1 ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Analysis of Existing Approaches to Management of Industrial Enterprises http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/137 <p>The management system of an industrial enterprise<br>is the most important factor for its competitiveness.<br>The main characteristics of the management system<br>are the speed of making reasoned management<br>decisions, the ability to identify the dynamics of<br>market needs and to modify the internal environment<br>for the purpose of producing products with the<br>necessary characteristics within the needed times<br>and within the limits of a determined price. There are<br>two approaches to formation of management system:<br>organization management (based on similar<br>functions performed by the structural unit) and<br>process management (based on business processes).<br>Process approach to management involves<br>modelling and optimization of the company's<br>activities, modification of the management system in<br>order to eliminate all types of losses, increase of the<br>company's level of susceptibility to the market needs<br>and increase of the rate of response on the part of the<br>company's internal environment in order to meet<br>these needs. The article describes the advantages and<br>disadvantages of these approaches to management,<br>offers the generalized management model based on<br>the process approach, and also identifies the factors<br>of higher quality of process management of an<br>enterprise within the market economy conditions. It<br>analyses the objectives of introducing process-based<br>technologies, the stages of formation of the process<br>management system, its specific features, as well as<br>it offers the basic trends in development of processbased<br>management within the Russian companies.<br>The shown objectives and stages of development of<br>process management were subjected to additional&nbsp;analysis, determining the main approaches to their<br>implementation, as well as their particular aspects<br>were shown from the author's point of view.</p> Anton N. Karamyshev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Analysis of Production Methodologies for Process-Based Management http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/139 <p>There exist two methodologies for process-based<br>management the subject of study of which are<br>production processes: Lean Manufacturing and Six<br>Sigma. Lean Manufacturing is one of the most<br>widely spread methodologies of process-based<br>management, which methods and practices<br>determine in many respects the competitiveness of<br>the world's leading companies. Lean Manufacturing<br>methodology orients the company to the maximum<br>customer satisfaction by eliminating all types of<br>losses and focusing on key business processes.<br>Particularly interesting are the principles of<br>methodology (value to consumer, definition and<br>optimization of the value creation flow, organization<br>of flow, product sell out, perfection), which must be<br>observed in making managerial decisions. Six Sigma<br>methodology focuses the attention on production<br>operations of the main business processes in order to<br>improve the quality of products and minimize the<br>reject level. These goals are achieved through<br>stabilization of the technological operations results<br>based on the specific management principles, as well<br>as on mathematical and statistical methods. The<br>article covers the principles and basic methods of<br>such methodologies as Lean Manufacturing<br>(Kanban, Kaizen, 5S, SMED, Poka-Yoke, Andon,<br>Total Productive Maintenance) and Six Sigma<br>(methods of generating ideas and structuring<br>information, methods of data collection, methods of<br>analysing information and business&nbsp;processes,<br>methods for implementing management decisions),<br>the identification of their advantages and<br>disadvantages, as well as the application features.</p> Anton N. Karamyshev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Social-and-Ecological Metabolism of the Russian Megalopolis under the Influence of Sports Megaevents http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/140 <p>In article on materials of a complex empirical research<br>of the large Russian city on the example of Kazan, its<br>social-and-ecological metabolism with emphasis on<br>mutual changes of natural, social and technical<br>processes under the influence of sports megaevents is<br>studied (A Universiade of 2013, the water sports<br>World Cup - 2015). Complex studying of processes of<br>social-and-ecological metabolism of Kazan became<br>research result, including practice of ecological<br>cooperation and resistance. Each of processes is<br>connected with each other. Complexity of processes<br>such is that ecopractice of cooperation (on the<br>intension) de facto can generate harmful metabolic<br>chains, thereby creating "Butterfly Effect".</p> Polina Ermolaeva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Development of Integrative Skills in Higher-Education Students http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/141 <p>This study deals with the development of critical<br>thinking in higher-education students and identifies<br>the integrative skills that a graduate student will need<br>in their future professional activity. Also, the article<br>exposes the features of teamwork in the development<br>of critical thinking in students. We suggest a model<br>of development of critical thinking in highereducation<br>students and identify pedagogical<br>conditions for the effectiveness of critical thinking<br>development in higher-education students during<br>teamwork.</p> Nailia F. Plotnikova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Neogothic Space Interpretation http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/142 <p>The article considers the specific features of Gothic<br>motifs interpretation in different countries and in<br>different historical periods: Gothic motifs in baroque<br>Italy and the Czech Republic, Germany and England<br>of the 19th century and in more thoroughly in Russia.<br>Medieval motifs coexist harmoniously with the<br>elements of different styles in small forms. The<br>symbolic fullness of the Gothic material<br>environment proved to be spiritually attractive to the<br>rationalistic era of the Industrial Revolution. Neo-<br>Gothic has expressed the desire of house and interior<br>customers to oppose an individual to a public. In<br>different countries, Neo-Gothic had a specific<br>semantic content from a romantic fairy tale to the<br>manifesto dedicated to the triumph of technological<br>progress. A wide interest for Gothic in Russia<br>appears under the influence of Romantic literature.<br>Russia and other countries experienced the<br>contradiction between building exterior and interior.<br>The use of the term "pseudo-Gothic" in Russia<br>reveals a negative connotation in the evaluation of<br>Neo-Gothic as an eclectic style. The review of Neo-<br>Gothic buildings in Russia made it possible to single<br>out three periods of neo-Gothicism with specific<br>stylistic solutions. Neo-Gothic interpretation of the<br>object-spatial environment sought to combine gothic<br>aesthetics with the comfort of modern times. The<br>interior and the furniture of the Neo-Gothic period<br>are subject to a common ideological and conceptual<br>design. The article reveals the value and aesthetic<br>reasons for the turning to neo-Gothic.</p> Lily R. Mukhametzyanova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Dynamics of the Efficiency of State Support to the Agro- Industrial Complex on the Example of The Volga Federal District http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/143 <p>The issues of improving the system of state<br>regulation of agriculture have highly actualized<br>subject to Russia's accession to the WTO. Based on<br>the materials provided by the Ministry of<br>Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry<br>of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Center<br>for Strategic Planning in the Agro-Industrial<br>Complex, this paper deals with the behavior of the<br>main indicators characterizing the effectiveness of<br>measures of state support to the agro-industrial<br>complex in the entities of the Federation of the<br>Volga Federal District. The methods of<br>comparative economic analysis were used, serving<br>as the basis for groups of the VFD entities<br>identified according to the criteria of profitability,<br>impact of profitability and subsidies on the<br>financial result. Such factor as profitability proved<br>to be significant; in the Republic of Tatarstan it<br>exceeds the facto of expenditures by 3.5 times. The<br>analysis also revealed regions with abnormal<br>indicators, such as Orenburg region - abnormally<br>high indicators, and the Republic of Mari El - the<br>most problematic area, requiring separate detailed<br>consideration. As a result of the revealed<br>imbalances, subject to the fact that the Russian<br>Federation is gradually entering the WTO, it seems<br>important to change the systems and methods of<br>state support, regrouping if possible the state<br>support funds of the village from the "yellow" to<br>the 1"green"2 basket, and also use indicators per<br>hectare, per liter and other more accurate indicators<br>to determine the effectiveness of subsidies, which<br>will reduce differentiation and disproportion and&nbsp;improve overall efficiency. As an example of the<br>effectiveness of the proposed approach, the<br>structure of these baskets for Saratov region as one<br>of the developed and representative agricultural<br>regions of the Russian Federation is presented.</p> Diaz R. Kadyrov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Educational Potential of Voluntary Activity in Work with Student Youth http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/144 <p>The presence of volunteer movements is one of the<br>important indicators of the spiritual, moral level of<br>the state, nation, society. Today, new means and<br>ways of forming social initiative of student youth,<br>motivating them to actively participate in socially<br>useful activities, are being sought in the national<br>general and vocational education. Theoretical<br>analysis of a number of studies has allowed us to<br>identify that the problems of upbringing and<br>educating the students can be resolved through the<br>volunteer movement to a large extent. The idea of<br>voluntariness as an unselfish creation of good<br>requires a constant growth and an outlet to higher<br>universal human, moral values from human [1, p.<br>40].The scientific article presents the results of a<br>theoretical study, the purpose of which was to<br>identify the educational potential of volunteer<br>activity in working with student youth. The study of<br>the effectiveness of using a volunteer activity in<br>work with the student youth was carried out in the<br>process of experimental work. The analysis of the<br>results of research conducted made it possible to<br>reveal the significant educational potential of<br>volunteer activity. The possibility of making free<br>choice, follow their moral impulses, be involved in<br>the cultural process, form a communicative, social<br>responsibility, etc., all this is represented in<br>volunteer activity and can play an important role in<br>the formation of a young man.</p> Svetlana V. Karkina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Gifted Students’ Personal Features Comparative Analysis Depending on Style Preferences in Painting http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/145 <p>The result description of an empirical research of<br>identity features of art gifted students depending on<br>their style preferences in painting is presented in<br>article. The comparative and correlation analysis<br>revealed reliable differences on indicators of scales of<br>lying and hypochondria in Mini-Mult questionnaire;<br>on an indicator of a scale of neuroticism Eysenck<br>Personality Questionnaire; on the 2nd Luscher color<br>test position. The comparative and correlation analysis<br>allows characterizing the gifted students preferring<br>style of painting by large dabs as the people who were<br>more closed and sensitive. They are insufficiently<br>frank and seek to look better at least in the own eyes.<br>The students preferring style of painting by small dabs<br>are characterized by tendency to exaggerate the<br>shortcomings and shortcomings of other people, from<br>here problems in the interpersonal relations and, as a<br>result, problems with socialization.</p> Lyubov V. Zaitseva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Interaction between Oil Price and Basic Macroeconomics Indicators: Evidences from Russia http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/146 <p>This study empirically analyzes the causation<br>between GDP, unemployment rate, inflation and oil<br>price in through analyzing Russian quarterly data<br>from 2005:Q1 to 2014:Q3 and employing Vector<br>Error Correction (VECM). The main findings of the<br>paper are in line with general theory and are as<br>follows: i) changes in oil prices in direct ratio<br>affect the level of production, in other words<br>increase in hydrocarbon cost pushes Russian<br>economy up, ii) high oil price, among other things,<br>causes the unemployment rate in Russia to decline,<br>iii) in the short run, inflation favorably, but weakly<br>influences the level of production as well as<br>employment in Russia, iv) unemployment rate in<br>Russia, as expected, has adverse impact on the total<br>output level, v) in accordance with error correction<br>terms GDP and unemployment rate needs about 3<br>quarters to return to the equilibrium level after the<br>structural changes. Based on the results, some policy<br>recommendations are presented.</p> Dmitry V. Rodnyansky ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Possibility of Situational Methodology http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/138 <p>The article is devoted to understanding the boundaries<br>and possibilities of applying situational methodology<br>in the scientific studies of various orientations.<br>The methodological principles used in this study are<br>based on a dialectical methodology of the formation<br>and development of a new, existentialist situation<br>concept, presented in the studies and contextual analysis<br>of K. Jaspers. It is argued the insufficiency of<br>reducing the situation to a coincidence of circumstances,<br>to instability and fluidity outside the connection<br>with the past and the future, outside the situation<br>subject, which centers it in a single whole. It is identified<br>the boundaries of applying the situational methodology,<br>due to the fact of the heterogeneity of the<br>situations themselves, the subjectivism of interpreting<br>their significance for predicting the future state of the<br>system, the inadequacy of the formal and logical<br>tools for analyzing situations and the possibility of<br>using other types of logics. It is concluded that it is<br>necessary to extrapolate the available range of possibilities<br>for the future, taking into account the understanding<br>of the goals of the situation subject, personal<br>contribution to the transformation of circumstances<br>that require an understanding of the meanings of human<br>activity that go beyond the pragmatic solution of<br>the immediate tasks dictated by the situation. It is<br>stated the suitability of this approach, first of all, for<br>the areas related to the social and humanitarian<br>knowledge and social practice.</p> Marina G Rumyantseva Konstantin I Solodov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Pre-Election Discourse as a Special Type of Institutional Discourse http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/152 <p>The modern unstable geopolitical situation in the world<br>draws the attention of researchers from various<br>scientific fields to a comprehensive study of political<br>communication issues. The importance of the political<br>sphere of human communication and life necessitates<br>the study of the linguistic features of political discourse<br>at the present stage of its development. The most<br>mobile and volatile is the pre-election discourse which<br>motivates the need to identify the specifics of the texts<br>of election campaigns. In addition, it is in the course of<br>the struggle for power when participants of political<br>communication apply all kinds of, sometimes<br>unexpected or innovative, linguistic and extralinguistic<br>means to achieve their goal. In this paper, the<br>authors analyze existing interpretations of the<br>definition of "political discourse" and describe its<br>universal and specific features. Observations and<br>conclusions made by the authors of the article are<br>based on extensive empirical material, namely on a<br>comprehensive analysis of 5000 thousands publications<br>of different genre devoted to the elections to the State<br>Duma and the election of the President of the Russian<br>Federation. During the analysis, the authors found that<br>the universal characteristics of the pre-election<br>discourse include such features as historical variability,<br>stereotypeness, presence of cliché, rigidity,<br>intentionality, wide application of slogans, and also<br>polemicism and manipulativeness. Among the specific<br>features of the discourse under study, the use of metagraphic<br>means, metaphoricality, the use of<br>counterposing and comparison techniques, the ironic<br>transformation or deformation of precedent texts, the<br>frequency use of the subjunctive mood and imperative<br>constructions are primarily distinguished. Certainly,<br>the linguistic and non-linguistic features listed in the<br>paper are not exhaustive and do not pretend to be<br>complete, since pre-election texts are dynamic entities<br>which content and characteristics can vary depending<br>on the goals and objectives of institutional<br>communication and the political situation as a whole.</p> Venera N. Yapparova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Culture as a Factor of Influence on the Management Potential of Modern Organizations http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/148 <p>The paper deals with the problems of management<br>of Russian companies and suggests to form a strong<br>corporate culture as one of the approaches to their<br>solution. Management potential, as the most<br>important component of the human capital of<br>organizations, is considered as a system of three<br>main subsystems (health, intellect and culture); a<br>brief interpretation of each of them is provided.<br>Based on the results of the study of the influence of<br>corporate culture on the management characteristics<br>of the 10 largest international and Russian<br>companies, the role of cultural instruments as a<br>reserve for improving the efficiency of Russian<br>companies is substantiated, and the directions of<br>work are outlined. The restrictions caused by the<br>characteristics of the management system allow<br>neither using intellectual resources in full, and<br>reduce the adaptability and pace of development of<br>Russian companies and their innovative activity. The<br>authors believe that a strong corporate culture,<br>consistent with the strategy of companies, can<br>become the basis for fundamental qualitative<br>changes in Russian companies.</p> Khanif S. Mullakhmetov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Pricing Agreement and its Importance for the Tax Control of Transactions between Related Parties http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/155 <p>Due to the variety of approaches to determining<br>correspondence of book prices to market prices, the<br>system of tax control of transactions between<br>interdependent persons creates inconvenience for both<br>organizations and tax authorities: it is necessary to look<br>for comparable prices, and to prove the possibility of<br>using a particular method of pricing. For the<br>harmonization and simplification of relations between<br>taxpayers and tax authorities, the Tax Code of the<br>Russian Federation provides for the possibility of<br>concluding a pricing agreement [1].<br>The pricing agreement for tax purposes is an agreement<br>between a largest taxpayer and the Federal Tax Service<br>of the Russian Federation on the procedure for<br>determining prices and applying pricing methods in<br>transactions between interdependent persons.<br>The main purpose of the pricing agreement is<br>achievement of certainty in the methods and process of<br>determining by the taxpayer the prices used in<br>transactions between interdependent persons for both<br>taxpayers and tax authorities, and achievement on this<br>basis of the contractual consolidation for all the terms<br>of the transaction process of interdependent persons<br>between a taxpayer and the tax authorities [2].<br>In connection with the foregoing, the relevance of the<br>topic of the paper is in the consideration of the<br>mechanism of the pricing agreements that allow<br>defining clear "rules of the game" for both taxpayers<br>and tax authorities in the process of tax control of<br>transactions between interdependent persons.</p> Andrey S. Zayats ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Issues in Implementing “Non-Use of Force” Principle in International Law http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/156 <p>The security of the world community at the present<br>stage of development of international law is directly<br>related to its general principles. These principles form<br>the core of international security law and serve as a<br>guiding light for international rulemaking.<br>The very essence of international law and the belief in<br>its efficiency depend on the implementation of these<br>principles.<br>In this paper, an attempt will be made to analyze the<br>situation in the South Caucasus from the point of view<br>of implementing the principle of non-use of force.<br>The efficiency of norms and principles of international<br>law has many criteria and factors; the paper will be an<br>attempt to highlight key issues and their comparison<br>with the situation in reality.<br>This conflict is firstly studied and examined from the<br>point of view of international law; in our opinion, only<br>a detailed study of such conflicts and an assessment of<br>the degree of international principles implementation<br>serve as a basis for determining the efficiency of<br>international law.<br>The studies carried out and reflected in this paper give<br>us grounds to conclude that the conflict took place, and<br>the non-use of force principle was directly<br>implemented. We consider it important to note the<br>positive trend which is manifested in the growth of the<br>efficiency degree for the norms of international law.</p> Durmishkhan G. Afkhazava ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Problems of Judicial Control of Legal Implementation in Public Administration http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/157 <p>Constitutional proclamation of Russia as a legal state<br>with elements of civil society imposes on state<br>institutions the obligation to observe the constitutional<br>principles of legality in the activities of state bodies.<br>Judicial power is called upon to protect these<br>principles.<br>The relevance of the topic of this study is conditioned<br>by the reform of political and socio-economic relations<br>in Russia, which are invariably related to the increased<br>attention to human rights problems, their provision<br>with various means of state power, among which the<br>judicial power is the main one. The judicial control<br>exercised by it ensures not only the recognition of<br>human rights in full, but is also the most effective<br>guarantee of democracy and freedom in Russian<br>society. The adoption in 1993 of the Constitution of the<br>Russian Federation, the reform of Russian legislation<br>that is being made, shows that Russia has settled down<br>to a course of serious intentions and actions in the field<br>of human rights.<br>In the Address of the President of the Russian<br>Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian<br>Federation "Russia needs to be strong and<br>competitive", it was noted that a significant step was<br>taken in modernizing the judicial and legal system.<br>Most of the necessary legislative and other normative<br>legal acts have already been adopted. The changes<br>concerned not only the organization and working<br>conditions of courts, but also procedures that protect<br>the rights of an individual and the accessibility of<br>justice.<br>The relevance of the research topic chosen is also<br>confirmed by the fact that the optimization of the<br>functioning of judicial authorities is not yet complete.</p> Ekaterina A Khuzina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Productivity of Early Maturing Varieties of Potatoes, With the Application of Designated Doses of Fertilizers, Within the Conditions of the Forest-Steppe of the Middle Volga Region http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/158 <p>The studies were carried out with the purpose to<br>determine the effectiveness of applying the<br>designated doses of fertilizers for the formation of<br>planned yields of potato tubers of the early-ripening<br>varieties Molly and Colette, within the conditions of<br>the forest steppe of the Middle Volga region. The<br>influence of mineral nutrient status, designed for<br>obtaining the yields of potatoes 25, 35 and 45<br>tons/ha, in comparison with the unfertilized<br>controlvariant, has been studied.<br>The analysis of the dynamics of the potato plants leaf<br>area, the parameters of leaf photosynthetic potential,<br>the utilization coefficient of photosynthetically active<br>radiation (PAR)showed, that these indicators of<br>photosynthetic activity were directly dependent on<br>the level of mineral nutrition.<br>The application of fertilizers and raising their doses<br>increased the value of photosynthetic potential (PP).<br>In the control variant, without applying fertilizers, the<br>sum of photosynthetic potential was 1.762 million for<br>the variety Molly, 1.894 million m2<br>/ha × days for the<br>variety Colette. The application of fertilizers,<br>designed for a potato yield of 25 tons per hectare,has<br>increased this index by 1.49 and 1.51 times, and the<br>fertilization, designed for the yield 45 t/ha has<br>increased this index by 2.25 and 2.01 times. For<br>every 1 thousand units, the PP was formed in the<br>variety Molly from 10.15 kg in the control variant to<br>11.25 kg of potato tubers with underlying of 45 t/ha,<br>and in the variety Colette, respectively, from 10.32 to<br>11.45 kg.<br>With regard to natural fertility, theyield of<br>varietyMolly was 16.76 t/ha and 18.32 t/ha of<br>thevariety Colette. Fertilizers,designed for 25-45 t/ha<br>of potato tubers, ensured the yield of variety Molly<br>28.23-43.57 t/ha, the variety Colette - 29.72-29 t/ha.</p> Antonina A Mostyakova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Rights of Ownership of Minors from the Position of the Russian Law http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/159 <p>The paper outlines some theoretical and<br>methodological issues of researching the rights of<br>ownership of minors: legislative regulation of the<br>norms of civil and family law of Russia, the practice of<br>their application; the unsolved problem of guaranteeing<br>the rights of ownership of minors and their<br>implementation. In particular, in relation to the child's<br>right to receive support, the following problems are<br>considered: the definition of the subject in whose favor<br>a child support is to be collected; determination of the<br>parties to the agreement on payment of alimony;<br>impossibility of realization of a guarantee of interests<br>of a child at the conclusion of an alimony agreement<br>with participation of brothers, sisters, grandmothers<br>and grandfathers, etc.Concerning the right of<br>ownership and other proprietary rights of a child, an<br>assessment is given of their support and<br>implementation characteristics, which is due to the<br>legal nature of the child's rights of ownership; some<br>problems are identified when they are implemented in<br>practice. The authors have come to the conclusion that<br>the solution of the problems mentioned here concerns<br>both the sphere of law making and the sphere of law<br>enforcement. Particular proposals were made to<br>introduce changes and additions to the family, civil,<br>and other sectoral legislation, as well as to improve law<br>enforcement practices.</p> Zamira A. Akhmetyanova Timofey G Makarov Olga N. Nizamieva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Resources and Risks of Discussion as an Interactive Method of Organizing the Educational Process http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/160 <p>The article analyzes discussion in organization of<br>"interactive education" as process management of<br>mastering knowledge through organization of human<br>interactions and relationships. In this case, learning is a<br>social, collective, rather than an individual process. The<br>discussion, representing a purposeful and orderly<br>exchange of ideas, judgments, opinions in a group, acts<br>as a method, providing interaction in education.<br>The study purpose is to identify resources and risks of<br>discussion as an interactive method of organizing<br>educational process. Achieving this goal requires<br>consideration of characteristics, functions, types of<br>discussions, analysis of resources and limitations in its<br>use by higher educational institution teachers.<br>As a methodological research base, work includes<br>following approaches and methods: systemic and<br>structural-functional approaches, sociological, logical<br>and comparative methods. The empirical base included<br>data of observation included and questionnaire data.<br>As a research result, we came to following conclusions:<br>an interactive education method requires a lot of<br>preparatory work on part of teacher and necessary skills<br>of "conducting" the course of discussion; teacher is<br>required to constantly maintain necessary level of<br>students' involvement in course of discussion, to comply<br>with ethics of disputes, to have willingness to promptly<br>neutralize emerging conflict situations.; a discussion<br>requires teacher to develop a whole range of personal<br>qualities (quick reaction, humor, tolerance, ability to<br>relieve tension that has arisen, etc.)</p> Tatiana T. Sidelnikova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Ways of Improving the Park "Pribrezhny" In Naberezhnye Chelny http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/162 <p>Urbanization is associated not only with the growth<br>of cities, but also with the development of their<br>separate functional zones. This article is devoted to<br>the possible ways of improving the city park<br>"Pribrezhny" in Naberezhnye Chelny. Currently, the<br>park "Pribrezhny" is one of the most important and<br>largest natural objects of Naberezhnye Chelny; one<br>of the cores for the development of city’s ecological<br>framework. The authors propose a number of special<br>measures, aimed at improving the park "Pribrezhny".<br>The implementation of these measures will ensure<br>the improvement of the quality of physical, sanitary<br>and hygienic, and visual-aesthetic comfort of the<br>environment, with a commitment to maintaining the<br>ecological balance; and this, in turn, will raise the<br>general standard of living of the population.<br>Preservation and ecological improvement of the park<br>"Pribrezhny" will allow to design and successfully<br>implement the ecological framework of<br>Naberezhnye Chelny, and to ensure sustainable<br>development of the entire urban area.</p> Elvira G. Nabeeva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Forms of the State Support for Disabled Veterans in Tatarstan in Period of the Great Patriotic War http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/163 <p>Forms of the state support in days of the Great<br>Patriotic War of the military personnel of Red Army<br>who became disabled people were the research<br>object in this article. The research was conducted on<br>the basis of the published data, materials of media<br>and archival sources. In work both the traditional,<br>and special historical methods corresponding to<br>character of the research purpose were used. The<br>state support of disabled veterans was implemented<br>in five forms, responsibility for which lay on party<br>committees of the All-Union Communist Party<br>(“Bolsheviks”), public authorities which are<br>engaged in social security and also on public<br>organizations (labor unions, “Komsomol”) and<br>military structures (military komissariat).<br>Interaction of these actors had to promote more<br>effective realization of social policy; however, it not<br>always was fruitful. The received results correspond<br>to conclusions of a number of the researchers who<br>were also emphasizing the high importance of this<br>direction of social policy for the Soviet government<br>and it’s, at the same time, low efficiency. Also<br>results expand the available regional researches of<br>social policy during the military period with new<br>data. Results of a research can be useful to expansion<br>of ideas of social history of war and about the nature<br>of social policy of the Soviet state during the<br>specified period.</p> Vasil T. Sakaev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Professional Training of the Tatar Composers in the 1930s of the ХХ Century http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/161 <p>The problems of training composers of the national<br>republics of the USSR came to the fore in the 1920s<br>and 1930s of the XX century, when the accelerated<br>formation of national professional cultures began.<br>Professional training of national composers in the<br>1930s was largely undertaken by the capital higher<br>educational institutions, in particular by the Moscow<br>State Conservatory. It was during this period that the<br>national studios and departments with composer groups<br>were opened in it. This article highlights the process of<br>teaching Tatar composers (S. Saydashev, M.<br>Muzafarov, Dzh. Fayzi, F. Yaarullin, Z. Habibullin,<br>etc.) in the Moscow Conservatory within the<br>framework of the working faculty, ethnographic<br>department, as well as the Tatar opera studio. We<br>revealed the issues of educational tactics of the curator<br>and teacher of the composer group G.I. Litinsky, who<br>was looking for new, nationally oriented methods of<br>teaching. We describe the creative problems<br>encountered by both teachers and students. It is<br>outlined the genre range of the composers creativity.<br>The author of this article analyzes the positive and<br>negative aspects of the educational process aimed at<br>achieving academic level professionalism by the<br>European composers.<br>When studying the problem posed, the author used a<br>complex approach combining the features of historical<br>and analytical methods of research, introduced new,<br>documented facts into scientific circulation. The article<br>is an attempt to build the fullest possible picture of the<br>phenomenon as a basis for a broad scientific<br>interpretation of musical education of national<br>composers in the Soviet era.<br>The materials of this article can be used in the training<br>courses on the history of native and Tatar musical<br>culture.</p> Liliya I Salikhova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Academic Mobility as a Factor of Improving the Competitiveness of University Graduates http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/164 <p>The article investigates the influence of academic<br>mobility on the quality of the university graduates<br>training. We have identified the current trends of<br>development of academic mobility of students in<br>higher education system in Russia. We have<br>investigated the motives of participation in academic<br>mobility, subjective and objective factors in a<br>partner-university choosing. We have presented the<br>content of academic mobility in the paper from the<br>perspective of four approaches: functional, personal,<br>cultural and virtual. Particular attention is paid to the<br>virtual mobility, virtual learning environment. We<br>have made an analysis of the positive aspects and<br>problems of the organization of virtual mobility.<br>Much of the research is devoted to the study of<br>virtual mobility’s impact on improving of the quality<br>of education and competitiveness of graduates. The<br>article summarizes the experience of Russian<br>students in virtual mobility. The basic mechanisms<br>for further development of the partnership of<br>Russian and European universities have been offered<br>in the paper.</p> S.G. Absalyamova S.G ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Application of CVP-Analysis at the Water Transport Organizations http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/166 <p>The article discusses the possibility and field of<br>application the marginal analysis at the water<br>transport organizations as one of the most advanced<br>management tools. The authors present the currently<br>existing methods of dividing the costs on fixed and<br>variable parts. Considerable attention is paid to the<br>correlation and regression cost analysis. On the basis<br>of such analysis the water cargo transportation<br>organizations’ costs division are carried out on to the<br>variable and constant part. Also the regression<br>equations for the different types of costs are made.<br>With such a division the river transport organizations<br>can be more accurately rank the individual business<br>segments in to profitability, identify priority<br>activities that is relevant to the river companies in<br>risky and volatile business conditions.</p> D.V. Neizvestnaya D.V ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Aspects of Decision-Making System Development During Enrollment Campaign in Higher Education Institutions http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/167 <p>&nbsp;The article discusses the possibility and field of<br>application the marginal analysis at the water<br>transport organizations as one of the most advanced<br>management tools. The authors present the currently<br>existing methods of dividing the costs on fixed and<br>variable parts. Considerable attention is paid to the<br>correlation and regression cost analysis. On the basis<br>of such analysis the water cargo transportation<br>organizations’ costs division are carried out on to the<br>variable and constant part. Also the regression<br>equations for the different types of costs are made.<br>With such a division the river transport organizations<br>can be more accurately rank the individual business<br>segments in to profitability, identify priority<br>activities that is relevant to the river companies in<br>risky and volatile business conditions.</p> D.V. Neizvestnaya D.V D.V. Neizvestnaya D.V ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Estimated Aspect of Speech Associative Representation of Mental States http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/168 <p>The article deals with associative speech<br>representation of mental states, its evaluation aspect.<br>32 students of the Kazan Federal University (26<br>females and 6 males) aged from 18 to 22 years took<br>part in an association experiment, developed on the<br>basis of the DMDX program. The time of speech<br>reaction to the presented stimuli – the concepts of 25<br>mental states was determined. The subjects had to<br>estimate the states by answering the question<br>“what?” and giving an adjective. The average time<br>of the estimated response to the concepts of states on<br>the computer monitor was 2246,9 milliseconds.<br>Associative speech estimated reaction turned out to<br>be the fastest to the stimuli “expectation” (1182,9<br>milliseconds), “thought” (1603,8 milliseconds),<br>“fatigue” (1654,8 milliseconds), the slowest – to the<br>stimuli “remorse” (2808,5 milliseconds) and<br>“nervousness” (2743,3 milliseconds). 463<br>associative speech reactions in the form of adjectives<br>were given by the subjects to the concepts of 25<br>states, on average by 18,5 adjectives for each state.<br>The concepts amorousness and remorse have the<br>largest number of speech estimated associations (by<br>23 different adjectives). The least number of<br>evaluative associations are characterized by the<br>concepts thoughts, delight and indecision (by 15<br>adjectives). The most pronounced nucleus is the<br>evaluative associative fields of states thoughts and<br>delight. The evaluative associative fields of mental<br>states are distinguished by the presence of nearnuclear<br>layers and sufficiently densely filled<br>periphery.</p> Ekaterina M. Alekseeva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 A Performance Evaluation of a Real-time Image Mosaicing with a Rapid Prototype Hardware http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/169 <p>The Field-Of-View(FOV) of compact cameras are<br>very less compared to the FOV of humans. A single<br>shot of capturing compact camera sensor does not<br>capture the scenes as the human’s vision. Mosaicing is<br>a procedure of uniting the partial parts of a scene to<br>form a large image that represents the whole scene.<br>The main aim of mosaicing is to increase the FOV and<br>to trace the path of any moving objects. In this paper,<br>a real-time mosaicing is implemented with the various<br>algorithms and compared with the proposed algorithm.<br>The proposed method is a combination of FAST<br>detector and Steerable filters. All the algorithms are<br>executed with the multiple rapid prototype hardware’s<br>and compared their performance in terms of many<br>parameters like corner detection rate, image mosaicing<br>time, video mosaicing execution time. Geekbench<br>mark test of having various parameters is conducted<br>on three hardware’s. Experimental results proved that<br>the intel compute stick and Lenovo Ideacentre 300<br>hardware have high mobility to capture the remote<br>areas of a scene or low altitude images to construct the<br>mosaic image.</p> K. Sai Venu Prathap Dr. S. A. K. Jilani Dr. P. Ramana Reddy ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 An Investigation into the Factors Influencing Customer Mental Image about the Performance of Iran Melli Bank http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/170 <p>Today, most firms demand a positive reputation<br>among employees, customers, investors and the<br>public. Hence, the ability to satisfy the needs of<br>various stakeholders contributes the organization to<br>create a positive feeling among people. To manage<br>customers' subjective perception, it is necessary to<br>study the process in which the image is created for<br>customers and the general public. The present<br>study aimed to investigate the factors affecting the<br>mental picture of customers from the Bank Melli<br>Iran. Research is practical and descriptive -<br>analytical. The population of this survey contains<br>all customers of Bank Melli Iran in North Tehran<br>branches, and the sample size is 384 customers of<br>the bank. Study is started using a questionnaire to<br>collect data from the population. In this study, to<br>evaluate the validity of the questionnaire,<br>Cronbach's alpha was used. The software SPSS<br>calculated Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The<br>descriptive statistics such as median, mean, and<br>standard deviationand the analytical ones for<br>testing hypotheses, such as T-student, Pearson<br>correlation, and regression were used. The results<br>showed that the bank's identity, advertising, bank<br>brand, and employee behavior affectthe mental<br>picture of customers upon the performance of Bank<br>Melli Iran.</p> Fahimeh Azimi Matin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Design of Dual-Frequency Receiver Antenna for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/171 <p>This paper presents the design of a dual-frequency<br>rectangular microstrip patch receiver antenna for<br>Indian regional navigation satellite system (IRNSS)<br>also called NAVIC. The dual feed single layer<br>antenna works on operating frequencies at L5 band<br>(1176.45 MHz) and at S band (2492.5 MHz). Here<br>feeding is done through two ports. Hence antenna is<br>dual feed. The antenna is designed in advanced<br>design system (ADS) software and then after<br>simulation we measure various parameters such as<br>return loss (S11) in dB, impedance bandwidth,<br>radiation pattern and aperture current distribution for<br>the two operating frequencies.</p> B.V.Subba Rao ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 An IOT Based Environmental Radiation Monitoring Through Wireless Sensors Network http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/172 <p>This paper presents the functional design and<br>integration of a complete WSN platform that can<br>be used to remote environmental monitoring and<br>target for IoT applications. The system of<br>physical object devices, vehicles, buildings and<br>other items embedded with sensors, electronics,<br>software and network connectivity that enables<br>these objects to collect and exchange data, this is<br>called IoT. IoT is estimated to generate large<br>amounts of data from diverse locations. IoT is<br>one of the platforms for today’s smart city and<br>smart energy management systems. Wireless<br>Sensor Network (WSN) is used to monitor<br>environmental conditions such as sound,<br>pressure, temperature etc. The application<br>requirements are long lifetime, low cost, fast<br>deployment, low maintenance; high number of<br>sensors and high quality of service are<br>considered in the specification. Low-effort<br>platform reuse is also considered for the<br>specifications and design levels for a wide range<br>of related monitoring applications.</p> Venkatesh .G Chandramouli P ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Role of Advertisement in Formation of Values of Youth http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/174 <p>Evaluation of the existing sociological, philosophical<br>and socio-psychological concepts for studying values<br>and value orientations allows us to identify many<br>approaches to the interpretation of these concepts.<br>Despite the specific features of each study conducted in<br>modern conditions, values are regarded as one of the<br>most important components of not only individual, but<br>also social consciousness, which has a significant<br>influence on the formation of life attitudes and ways of<br>their implementation, which determines the course of<br>interaction of social actors.<br>The issue of value orientations is given great<br>importance in many sciences. This is due to the fact<br>that values play a major role in the integrative process<br>on shaping not only the culture of an individual, but<br>also the nation as a whole.<br>Values are a synthesis of the most important goals and<br>norms of behavior, which emphasize the pre-eminent<br>aspects in the perception of reality, orient persons to<br>perform certain actions while forming their way of life.<br>The system or set of dominant values in society<br>expresses the specific features of the culture of the<br>society.<br>To date, advertising is an indispensable attribute of all<br>the media. Its main task is to ensure the sale of goods,<br>services, and ideas of the advertiser. In this case, it is<br>considered that the advertising appeal is perceived by<br>the target audience when their social norms and values<br>coincide. In this paper, we will attempt to determine<br>the possibility of advertising not only for the<br>translation of values, but also for their formation in the<br>younger generation.</p> Aleksey A Nikitin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Research of Organizational and Personal Factors of Professional Burnout of Personnel in a Consulting Organization http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/175 <p>Professional burnout is a process of gradual loss of<br>emotional, cognitive and physical energy accompanied<br>by symptoms of emotional and mental exhaustion and<br>physical fatigue, personal standoffishness and a<br>decrease in satisfaction level with the performance of<br>work. There are three main groups of factors among<br>the factors of professional burnout: personal, role and<br>organizational. Professional burnout of employees of<br>consulting companies is characterized by a decrease in<br>the evaluation of competence and the value of their<br>activities, and by emotional exhaustion. We evaluated<br>the influence of various personal and organizational<br>factors on the development of the professional burnout<br>syndrome. The following factors (in descending order)<br>have the greatest impact on this state of personnel:<br>material satisfaction with work, marital status, health<br>status, work experience of an employee in the<br>company. The factor of "material satisfaction with<br>work" is in direct proportion to the results, i.e. the more<br>wages, the more often a person experiences a feeling of<br>fatigue and "squeeze". This dependence is explained by<br>the fact that career growth and, accordingly, the<br>employee's salary depend on how effectively he or she<br>works during a year, develops mandatory training<br>programs and seeks to assume new roles and tasks. A<br>new position requires both greater responsibility and<br>additional workload.<br>The next important factor is the employee's marital<br>status. The more stable the marital status, the less<br>pronounced is the "squeezed lemon" syndrome. The<br>more an employee works in a company, the less often<br>he or she experiences chronic fatigue syndrome.<br>According to the staff opinions, organizational factors<br>of professional burnout are inconsistencies between the<br>work performed to wages, and also high load and<br>multitasking. Role factors have little effect on the<br>professional burnout of employees of consulting<br>companies. The result of professional burnout is the<br>growth of staff turnover in consulting companies.</p> Irina A. Rudaleva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Russian and International Experience of Private Partner's Civil Guarantees in Public-Private Partnership http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/176 <p>Public-private partnership is a new form of interaction<br>between the subjects of civil turnover, the state and<br>business to achieve joint goals of strategic importance<br>for the economy. The paper is devoted to the legal<br>experience of including in the public-private<br>partnership (hereinafter - PPP) of civil-law guarantees<br>of the private partner rights. The content of such<br>guarantees and rights is disclosed taking into account<br>the existing world and domestic practices, with the<br>focuse on guarantees in the event of unfavorable<br>political and financial-economic circumstances.<br>Particular attention is paid to guarantees against<br>changes in the legal regime during the validity period<br>of a public-private partnership agreement, the ways of<br>their reflection in the law and the shortcomings of the<br>existing domestic legal regulation. It is noted that<br>Russian rulemaking in this area largely corresponds to<br>international standards that establish rules for<br>minimizing the risks of parties within the publicprivate<br>partnership framework. Despite this, there is a<br>need to expand the list of guarantees available in the<br>current legislation based on the experience of the CIS<br>and South-East Asia countries and the relevance of<br>their concretization in relation to the specifics of a<br>particular project. It is proposed to supplement the<br>existing list with currency guarantees, as well as to<br>make changes in the order of actions of the parties to<br>the public-private partnership agreement, with a<br>significant decrease in the expected profit of an<br>investor and a significant increase in the financial<br>burden on it.</p> Kamil M Arslanov Kamil M. Arslanov Aynur G. Demiyeva Bulat A. Ponomarev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Selective Light and Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Case of Infection of Wheat Sprouts with Fusarium Oxysporum http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/177 <p>The effect of blue and red light on the growth and<br>activity of antioxidant enzymes in winter wheat<br>sprouts, in case of infection with Fusarium<br>oxysporum was investigated. It was shown, that blue<br>and red spectral regions could regulate the activity of<br>antioxidant enzymes in nine-day wheat germs, both<br>in normal state and when infested with Fusarium<br>oxysporum. Red spectral region increased the activity<br>of peroxidase, catalase, ascorbate peroxidase, under<br>the influence of Fusarium oxysporum, while only the<br>peroxidase activity was increased in blue light. When<br>colonizing the roots of sprouts by Fusarium<br>oxysporum, lipid peroxygenation decreases in red and<br>blue light, which may indicate their resistance to the<br>studied phytopathogen. It was established, that the<br>red spectral region stimulated the growth parameters<br>of the aboveground and underground parts of wheat<br>sprouts. In case of germs infestation with the<br>pathogenic fungus Fusarium oxysporum, significant<br>production of dry weight by the underground partsof<br>the plants was observed.</p> T.P. Yakushenkova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Social-Demographic Losses Inflicted By Infant Death-Rate in Republic of Ingushetiya http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/178 <p>The paper is devoted to assessment of changes of the<br>main social and demographic parameters and<br>calculation of economic losses under the influence of<br>infant death rate. For this purpose we have built two<br>tables to obtain death rate for Republic Ingushetia<br>based on materials for 2014. First table is formed under<br>existing level of death rate; the second table presents<br>the level for infants with the age of up to full 1 year of<br>life. Results and discussion have shown that the death<br>of infants leads to reducing a remaining life expectancy<br>of newborns (about 1.21-1.42 for boys and 0.76-1.48<br>for girls); duration of the able-bodied period (by 0.66-<br>0.77 for males and 0.35-0.69 for females) and the<br>forthcoming labor activity (about 1.6-1.9% for males<br>and 0.9–1.8% for females); results for reproduction of<br>the population (by 0,7–1,8%); and amount of a social<br>production for 1.47%. Conclusion was that<br>approximate "cost" of one death till 1st year of life<br>taking into account the half-received public product<br>has amounted 6.532 million rubles.</p> Artur A. Almukhametov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Motivation of Voluntary Activity and Personal World Assumptions of the Youth http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/179 <p>The paper presents results of research of volunteer<br>activity motivation for young people in interrelation<br>with world assumptions of a person. As a hypothesis of<br>the study, it was suggested that the motivation for<br>volunteer activity in the adolescence period is<br>grounded on certain world assumptions and personal<br>values. The study used the following methods: the<br>World assumptions scale (R.Janoff-Bulman); and the<br>Purpose-in-Life Test (J.Crumbaugh &amp; L.Maholic). A<br>semantic differential has been developed to study the<br>motivation of volunteer activity. With the help of<br>factor analysis, two leading motivations of volunteer<br>activity were revealed: motives of personal growth and<br>idealistic motives. The study was a comparative<br>analysis of the studied indicators in a group of<br>volunteers and in a group of young people not engaged<br>in volunteer activity. It was determined that the<br>motivation of volunteers in teens is based more on<br>external factors (positive attitude of others, social<br>significance, social contacts) and is not determined by<br>deep world assumptions of the individual. The value of<br>the "I" depends more on the idealistic beliefs and the<br>personal orientation toward their support than on the<br>meaningfulness and fruitfulness of one's own life.</p> Marina M. Solobutina Margarita Nesterova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Conscience of the Jury as a Basis for Delivering a Fair Verdict in Accordance with the Judicial Reform of 1864 in Russia (Historico-Juridical Research) http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/180 <p>This article proves that the basis of a fair verdict in a<br>jury trial is the jury's conscience. The jury trial is the<br>best guarantee of the rights and freedoms of a person<br>suspect or accused, the best form of judicial process<br>and trial. This court is the best guarantee of equality<br>and justice.<br>The work is based on such methods as historical,<br>systemic, formally logical, concrete-historical,<br>comparative legal analysis method.<br>History knows many forms of popular participation in<br>court. We believe that the jury trial is the most<br>progressive and democratic form able to ensure a<br>proper implementation and, in general, performance of<br>all principles of judicial organization and judicial<br>proceedings.<br>Our society is morally obliged to protect its institution,<br>and, in particular, the jury trial, and the government of<br>any state that has the great honor of introducing this<br>institution should firmly adhere to the once adopted<br>intention to instill an institution that has shown its great<br>virtues for centuries in society.<br>We come to the conclusion that the jury is one of the<br>central criminal justice institutions, having many<br>centuries of practical experience. A whole range of<br>legal principles, such as the presumption of innocence,<br>adversariality, independence of judges, publicity,<br>equality, justice, etc., are most fully reflected in the<br>jury trial. And the most complete implementation of<br>these principles is possible only within the framework<br>of this democratic institution.</p> Dmitriy Yu Tumanov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Design and Analysis of Band Notched Wide Band Metamaterial Integrated U &T Shaped Patch with Strip Line Antenna for Wireless Application http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/182 <p>In this paper, we design a metamaterial based<br>antenna for wideband applications. For the design<br>we consider a unit cell of MM by integrating a U<br>shape patch section with T shape patch, Three such<br>unit cells were attached together to form the desired<br>wideband antenna. Here the dielectric substrate<br>used is Rogers RT/duroid 5880™.Initially we<br>analyze the proposed antenna and then we will<br>analyze the effects of proposed cases on the<br>designed wideband MM antenna. The proposed<br>cases for the analysis purpose are, first we consider<br>the ground conditions by analyzing the designed<br>antenna with full ground, half ground and the<br>proposed ground conditions. second by increasing<br>its feeding strip line width by a change of 0.05cm,<br>0.1cm and 0.15cm in –X and +X directions at MM<br>side and then for the third case increasing the<br>feeding strip line width at port side in the same<br>manner. The comparative analysis is presented by<br>analyzing the proposed wideband MM antenna for<br>all these for various conditions with the help of<br>return loss (S11) and VSWR curves.</p> Rani Rudrama Kodali ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Performance Analysis of 4G Systems with Channel Coding Algorithms http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/183 <p>The performance of wireless communication system is<br>degraded by the burst errors due to deep fades under<br>multipath environment. So, techniques like forward error<br>correction algorithms or automatic repeat request (ARQ) or a<br>combination of both (hybrid ARQ) eliminates the bit error<br>rate (BER). The paper focuses on the performance<br>comparison analysis of different error control codes that<br>gives the near Shannon capacity.</p> Padmaja C. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 An Analysis of a Un-decimated BM3D De-speckling Method for Monochrome Images http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/184 <p>In microwave or synthetic aperture radar or radar<br>image formation, a speckle noise is generally added.<br>This noise is available in coherent imaging systems<br>like radar image capturing, medical image capturing,<br>etc. De-speckling methods are used to de-speckle the<br>available speckle noise from these speckled systems.<br>In optical image formation, other noises are added.<br>An un-decimated block matching 3D (BM3D)<br>method is a state of art technique in de-speckling<br>area. In this paper, an analysis has been done on<br>optical or satellite images with un-decimated BM3D<br>method. Different quality parameters are evaluated<br>and compared for different speckle noise variances<br>by considering the Sentinel-2 satellite sub band<br>images as radar image.</p> C.Chandra Sekhar Y.Murali Mohan Babu Mahesh Mahesh ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform based Signal Denoising Technique http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/185 <p>In this paper, the performance of the signal and<br>denoising techniques using different types of Wavelet<br>Transform techniques is evaluated based on the<br>different performance metrics such as Signal to Noise<br>Ratio(SNR). A new Complex Wavelet Transform<br>technique called Hybrid Dual Tree Complex Wavelet<br>Transform, has been proposed in this work, so as to<br>achieve the better denoising performance over the<br>existing Wavelet Transform based denoising<br>techniques. As the proposed technique mixes all the<br>features of the existing Wavelet Transform techniques,<br>the best performance can be expected from this<br>technique.</p> D. Srinivasulu Reddy Sadasiva M. Gopi K. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 A Random Subspace based Classification for Temporal Data of Satellite Images http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/186 <p>Change detection techniques are playing major role<br>in order to know the changes in different situations.<br>Using these methods, we can know the changes<br>that are occurred or occurring on earth due to<br>climatically changes or degradation of certain<br>areas. Change detection will help us to observe the<br>different areas on earth remotely. The correct<br>changes can be obtained via proper classification<br>methods. Generally a single classifier may not meet<br>the current requirement. So that ensemble<br>classifiers are required. Wrong classification results<br>incorrect changes. In this paper, ensemble subspace<br>classifier is discussed to get accurate classification<br>thereby accurate changes can be obtained. The<br>changed area is calculated based on the comparison<br>of the number of pixels in each class of two<br>temporal images. Here we have shown the changed<br>pixels in each class and also changed areas in each<br>and every class.</p> Radhika K. Varadarajan S Varadarajan S ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Satellite Image Classification based on Ensemble Subspace Discriminant method using Random Subspace Algorithm http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/187 <p>Classification of images obtained from satellites is a<br>challenge now-a-days in order to know the<br>information contained by them. This requires the<br>adaption of the present state-of-art classifiers. Correct<br>information can be retrieved only with good<br>classification method. But single classifier may not<br>meet the requirement, so that ensemble techniques are<br>preferable. For classification with three or more<br>classes various methods are AdaboostM2, LPBoost,<br>TotalBoost, RUSBoost, Subspace, Discriminant etc<br>etc. It is possible to create an ensemble for<br>classification by combining any of these. Out of these,<br>we have considered random subspace (RS) and<br>discriminant classifiers for ensemble. Here bagging<br>method preferred. This ensemble can be used for weak<br>learners also. To judge whether the classifier is giving<br>correct information or not validation is important. To<br>validate this ensemble technique we have considered<br>50,100,150 and 200 sample points, examined the<br>accuracy and necessary parameters. The nature of the<br>proposed method for the above said number of sample<br>points is discussed.</p> Radhika K ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Denoising of ECG Signals using Multiwavelet Transform http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/189 <p>These days, as the rate of heart ailments expanding<br>progressively, electrocardiogram [ECG] an essential<br>apparatus to analyze the different issues relating to heart.<br>Yet, the recorded ECG frequently contains ancient<br>rarities like electrical cable commotion, gauge clamor,<br>and muscle antiquities. Subsequently denoising of ECG<br>signals is vital for exact analysis of heart ailments. To<br>break down these signs this paper utilizes an intense<br>numerical device called wavelet change. Discrete wavelet<br>transform[DWT] being repetitive and capable, it<br>confronts a couple of issues in the range of<br>correspondence, inorder to stay away from those issues<br>this paper proposes another multiresolution strategy with<br>multi channel called Multiwavelet transform[MWT].</p> Yoganand S ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Image Compression Using Quaternion Wavelet Transform http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/190 <p>The target of image compression is to diminish<br>insignificance and repetition of the picture information<br>keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to<br>store or transmit information in a proficient manner.<br>The change from the cine film to advanced strategies<br>for picture trade and authentic is basically persuaded by<br>the simplicity and adaptability of dealing with<br>computerized picture data rather than the film media.<br>While setting up this progression and creating<br>guidelines for computerized picture correspondence,<br>one need to ensure that additionally the picture quality<br>is kept up or made strides. This paper proposes wavelet<br>based compression by taking color flow in to<br>consideration, so that the proposed wavelet transform<br>will give priority to the phase components.</p> Madhu c. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Approximate Compressors based Inexact Vedic Dadda Multipliers http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/191 <p>In correct registering is a growing world outlook for<br>computation at nanoscale for error tolerant applications like<br>in multimedia and image processing. PC number<br>juggling offers critical operational focal points for<br>estimated figuring, a broad writing exists on rough<br>adders. However, this paper has concentrates on<br>compression based multiplier design, which offer major<br>advantages in terms of both circuit-level and error<br>figures of merit. The approximate 4-2 compressors<br>demonstrate a critical lessening in transistor tally, power<br>consumption and delay contrasted and a correct outline.<br>The Vedic mathematics based Urdhva-tiryagbhyam sutra<br>is used to develop 8x8 Dadda multipliers using 4x4<br>Dadda multipliers. Four different approximate multiplier<br>designs are proposed and are verified using<br>XilinxISE14.5 Tool for the target device Spartan3E<br>XC3S500E-5FG320. The simulation and synthesis<br>results prove that the fourth design is 33.2% efficient in<br>terms of power-delay-product and 96.7% efficient in<br>terms of area-delay-product when compared with other<br>three approximate multipliers.</p> Suresh G ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Tracking Misplaced Objects Using Bluetooth and GPS with Arm Cortex M3 Development Board http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/192 <p>In this busy and computerized world it may not be<br>possible to remind all those small stuff where we kept.<br>We have to make things small and comfortable. The<br>object is may be a car key, pen drive or mobile, it often<br>important to carry with us, what will happen if we forgot<br>it somewhere. It may be a small thing but it may very<br>important. When you're having a difficult time finding a<br>specific folder or file on your computer, you simply run<br>a quick search and you’ve found what you’re looking<br>for. What if you could run a similar search, but this time<br>you want to determine if you remembered maybe track<br>down those long lost keys of yours? Our paper making<br>that type of detection possible with “Tracking<br>Misplaced Objects Using Bluetooth and GPS with<br>ARM Cortex M3 Development Board”.</p> Aswani D. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Orthogonal Polarization Position Based MIMO Antenna For Wireless Applications http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/193 <p>In this paper, we design a 4 element MIMO antenna with<br>reduced ground plane structure to reduce the mutual coupling.<br>Here the ground plane is reduced by etching metamaterial<br>based concentric square shaped rings from the ground plane<br>both in XY axis. Here initially the single antenna which is in<br>the resemblance of F shape is considered and it operates at<br>6.94GHz and 9.46GHz. The 4 element antenna is considered<br>by placing the antenna in a orthogonal polarized positions.<br>The frequency band we considered is in-between 6GHz to<br>10GHz for the analysis purpose. The dielectric material used<br>is Rogers RT/Duroid 5880™. The comparative analysis is<br>presented with the help of return loss curves according to the<br>port excitation given and the MIMO antenna at each port have<br>dual bands in the considered frequency band 6-10GHz.</p> Y. V. N. R. Swamy Banothu ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Design Analysis of SRAM Cell with Improved Noise Margin based on Aspect Ratio Adjustments http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/196 <p>Due to increasing demand for faster memory devices, SRAM<br>has gained importance for research focus. SRAM cells have<br>various applications like SRAM based LUT in FPGA, DSP<br>applications, electronic subsystems of telecommunications etc.<br>As the technology scales down the threshold voltage is<br>lowered, leading to less margin to noise and disturbs the<br>SRAM cell stability .The proposed work investigates on the<br>CMOS based memory cell in submicron regions analyzing the<br>static noise margin during active operations and improves the<br>cell stability.</p> Alekhya Y. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Conscience of the Jury as a Basis for Delivering a Fair Verdict in Accordance with the Judicial Reform of 1864 in Russia (Historico-Juridical Research) http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/194 <p>This article proves that the basis of a fair verdict in a<br>jury trial is the jury's conscience. The jury trial is the<br>best guarantee of the rights and freedoms of a person<br>suspect or accused, the best form of judicial process<br>and trial. This court is the best guarantee of equality<br>and justice.<br>The work is based on such methods as historical,<br>systemic, formally logical, concrete-historical,<br>comparative legal analysis method.<br>History knows many forms of popular participation in<br>court. We believe that the jury trial is the most<br>progressive and democratic form able to ensure a<br>proper implementation and, in general, performance of<br>all principles of judicial organization and judicial<br>proceedings.<br>Our society is morally obliged to protect its institution,<br>and, in particular, the jury trial, and the government of<br>any state that has the great honor of introducing this<br>institution should firmly adhere to the once adopted<br>intention to instill an institution that has shown its great<br>virtues for centuries in society.<br>We come to the conclusion that the jury is one of the<br>central criminal justice institutions, having many<br>centuries of practical experience. A whole range of<br>legal principles, such as the presumption of innocence,<br>adversariality, independence of judges, publicity,<br>equality, justice, etc., are most fully reflected in the<br>jury trial. And the most complete implementation of<br>these principles is possible only within the framework<br>of this democratic institution.</p> DmitriyYu. Tumanov RinatR Sakhapov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Super Resolution of Satellite Images Using Wavelet Based Edge Extraction through Sparse Representation http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/197 <p>In this research paper a super-resolution (SR) image<br>is generated from low resolution satellite image. By<br>using high frequency (HF) as intermediate stage,<br>sharper image can be generated. Interpolation is<br>performed between satellite portrait and HF sub<br>bands through the discrete wavelet transform which<br>preserves edge. Sparse signal is obtained by applying<br>sparse mixing weights to low resolution (LR) image.<br>Lanczos interpolation is used to avoid artifacts<br>generated in an image. High resolution (HR) image is<br>obtained by using all bands and inverse DWT is<br>performed. Experimental results proves that proposed<br>method has superior performance over existing<br>methods in terms of intension criteria and skewed<br>perception improving the image resolution. The<br>quantitative PSNR (peak signal to noise ratio),<br>RMSE (root mean square value), and CC (correlation<br>coefficient) are calculated for satellite images. The<br>proposed technique i.e., super resolution using<br>wavelet domain interpolation with edge extraction<br>and sparse representation (SR-WDIEE-SR) has got<br>better values compared to DWT (Discrete wavelet<br>transform).</p> Hema Latha M Varadarajan S. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Development of Corporations and Corporate Law in the World and Russia throughout History http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/198 <p>The modern world is characterized by the fact that the<br>turnover and investment activity of business entities<br>increase in order to meet the needs of the growing<br>population of the world. The role of international civil<br>society institutions and international organizations<br>become more and more important in solving global<br>problems so as environmental degradation, terrorism,<br>armed conflicts, and natural disasters. All this leads to<br>the emergence of new subjects, which somehow fall<br>under the rules of international law, in connection with<br>which the subject matter of international law continues<br>to expand.<br>This paper deals with the origin of the legal entities<br>(corporations) institution, the stages of its development<br>and their specific features, and the specific features of<br>its development in Russia. The following methods<br>were used to perform the above tasks: the analysis,<br>synthesis, comparative method, comparatively-legal<br>method, the dialectic methods and some other methods<br>due to the area of research. The results of the work can<br>be effectively used in the future both in scientific<br>research and in the development of teaching aids and<br>methodological programs in international law.</p> Marat R. Suleymanov Guzel A. Valeeva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Enhancement of Antenna Parameters of a Rectangular MSA with Optimized Inset Fed Using HFSS http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/199 <p>Microstrip Antenna (MSA) plays a very important role in<br>wireless communication systems (such as Mobile &amp;<br>Satellite Communications, Military applications, WLAN<br>and Internet of Things (IoT)). The MSA has a<br>compactable nature in design of antennas in wireless<br>systems such as miniaturized size, easy to fabrication,<br>low weight and low cost. But it has limitations too; those<br>are narrowband, low gain, low directivity, and high cross<br>polarization in H-plane due to impedance mismatching<br>between high input impedance of patch at edge and low<br>impedance of feed line (transmission line). This problem<br>can be overcome with bring down the input impedance of<br>patch to use shorting pins, different EBG structures, and<br>different optimized feed methods. In this paper is going<br>to reduce impedance mismatch with newly proposed<br>formulas for inset fed method. This will go to be<br>enhancing the antenna parameters and to improve the<br>uniform distribution of current density on patch with<br>diminishing the inductive load at junction of patch and<br>feed line. Finally new optimized formulas for depth and<br>gap of inset fed will be defined by iterative process in<br>HFSS 14v. It yields the best and optimized results of<br>antenna parameters in given frequency of operation,<br>height of the substrate and dielectric constant.</p> Basheer Ali Sheik ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Experience of Students Using MOOC's: Motivation, Attitude, Efficiency http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/200 <p>The results of studying the features of students’<br>learning activity, by means of electronic educational<br>resources are presented in the article. 778 students of<br>Kazan (Volga region) Federal University took part in<br>the research. This sample included students from all<br>institutions and fields of education. The sample of the<br>study was divided into two groups. The first group<br>included 399 students, with experience in working<br>with electronic educational resources (EER). The<br>second group consisted of 379 students, who did not<br>have any experience in working with EER. All<br>studied indicators were divided into the following<br>categories: social portrait, learning activity,<br>professional competences, satisfaction with the<br>quality of education, professional development.<br>Questioning and frequency analysis were the methods<br>of the research, used in the work. As a result of the<br>investigation, we obtained significant data. They<br>showed the main distinguishing characteristics of<br>student learning activities, when using electronic<br>educational resources, the specific aspects of<br>educational motivation and the students' attitude to<br>the use of technologies in the educational process.</p> Marina M. Solobutina Natalya N. Kalatskaya ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Strategic Orientations for Systemic Modernization of the Russian Federation’s Social Development http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/202 <p>At the current stage of Russia’s social and economic<br>development the issue of systemic modernization is<br>relevant for several reasons: the collapse of single<br>economy after the Soviet Union disintegration caused<br>the severance of economic relations and entities'<br>shutdown, commodity dependence of Russian economy<br>in continued capital scarcity inside the country<br>and credit and financial institutions’ system insufficient<br>development, the high natural resource intensity<br>of Russian economy, and continuing degradation of<br>values and norms, spiritual dimensions of nation’s<br>social development violation. Analysis of main economic<br>indicators characterizing domestic economy’s<br>level of development and structure for past two decades<br>confirms the assumptions about the reasons of<br>immediacy of domestic economy’s systemic modernization<br>problem. The intensity of further growth will<br>depend upon the effectiveness of measures taken to<br>eliminate barriers to structural changes in economy,<br>to restructure inefficient companies and industries, to<br>enhance the mobility in the labour market, and to<br>create an effective institutional environment conducive<br>to the development of entrepreneurial initiative.<br>The challenges of public system modernization are<br>broader than the aspects of economic modernization,<br>since it involves the social and environmental development<br>components. Ivan Yanzul’s four principles<br>show complexity, difficulty, and long-term nature of<br>challenges facing Russian society. These principles<br>could be applied to solve public modernization issues.</p> Galina S. Feraru ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Spatiotemporal Aspect of the Cluster Systems Evolution http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/203 <p>The article investigates the processes of regional<br>clusters evolution in the space-time continuum. On<br>the basis of spatial-temporal analysis methodology<br>hypothesis of a permanent process of clustering is<br>formulated, which is mediated by the<br>transformation of biological, social, informational,<br>holistic spaces in timeline. Spatial and temporal<br>characteristics of each level create the preconditions<br>to relevant cluster formations. Cluster<br>transformation and deformation in different<br>economic systems are latent, intermittent, their<br>spatial boundaries and time frame can be<br>determined using nonparametric clustering<br>expertise factors. The novelty of the results is a<br>matrix of recombination temporal and spatial<br>processes, allowing us to obtain the profile of<br>processes, indicating the possibility of a positive or<br>negative outcome of the cluster. The field of<br>application of such a matrix can be software-project<br>activities to establish regional points of growth,<br>production localization and cluster initiatives.<br>Continued research is possible in the direction of<br>determining the profile of a particular cluster in<br>comparison with the reference, generating<br>maximum number of positive effects.</p> Olga A. Lomovceva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Potential of Russian Economy and Innovative Ways of its Development http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/204 <p>In the article the authors analyzed the trends of<br>Russia's integration into the world economy, explored<br>the factors of influence that determine the position of<br>the Russian Federation in the global economy, and<br>considered the features of the development of foreign<br>economic activity of Russia and its regions. Issues<br>concerning regulation of foreign economic activity<br>play a special role in the state's economy, matter how<br>competently and efficiently it is implemented, taking<br>into account modern trends of development of<br>international trade depends on a country's integration<br>into the world economy. In modern conditions of<br>global competition, the further involvement of the<br>Russian Federation as a full member of the<br>international economic relations, preservation of<br>positions in international economic and trade space, it<br>is determined by the effectiveness of foreign<br>economic policy, the success of which determines the<br>actual state of the national economy</p> Maksim V. Selyukov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Integral Pattern of Bench Stability on all Adjacent Rock Of Open-Pit Mine in Solid Rocks http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/205 <p>The article presents the integrated image of bench<br>stability across the entire adjacent pit area on the basis<br>of a probabilistic method to predict the azimuthangular<br>parameters of cracks that limit the potential<br>prisms of the pit bench collapse that are put in the<br>final position, as well as those planned to be set to the<br>limiting contour in the form of a software component<br>as the part of the specialized geoinformation GIS<br>system "Stability".<br>The computer technology for the probabilistic<br>prediction of the most frequently encountered types of<br>the quarry pit deformation is developed: a wedge and<br>a flat one. The efficiency of this technology is proved<br>by the example of the Kovdorsky MPP (Russia,<br>Murmansk region) by the means of the comparative<br>analysis concerning the actual and probabilistic<br>location of these types of deformations, which<br>showed the confinement of bench deformations to the<br>sections of the quarry, limited by the isolines of such<br>deformations occurrence probability within 80-100%.<br>This technology is applicable to any quarries in rock<br>massifs.</p> Nikolay A. Godovnikov Aleksander V. Konovalov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Socio-Ecological Education of Students http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/206 <p>In this article, we consider the results of theoretical<br>and practical analysis of the problem of means in the<br>system of higher professional education. These<br>results acted as a starting point for studying the<br>phenomenon of means in the context of the socioecological<br>education of student youth. As a result, we<br>identified the following general groups of educational<br>tools: natural objects and their reproductive means,<br>images and displays of phenomena, objects and<br>processes of the surrounding socio-ecological<br>environment, technical means, textbooks and study<br>guides.</p> Vera S. Shilova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Clinical Features of Mental Disorders among Pregnant Women http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/207 <p>A sample of 450 women with a normal pregnancy<br>was examined using the clinical,<br>psychopathological and psychometrical methods.<br>Clinically outlined mental disorders with a<br>predominance of neurotic, stress-related and<br>somatoform disorders were found in 26.9% of<br>cases. In 8.4% of cases pre-morbid (prenosological)<br>mental disorders were detected. Psychometric<br>examination revealed that 11.7% of pregnant<br>women without clinical signs of psychiatric<br>disorders had mild symptoms of anxiety, depression<br>and asthenia. In most cases (79.3%), mental<br>disorders were formed long before pregnancy,<br>flowed in a mild form, and the majority (94.2%) of<br>women did not seek help from a psychiatrist. The<br>fifth (20.7%) part of diagnosed mental disorders,<br>formed during pregnancy, were perceived by<br>women as a natural “aspect of pregnancy”.<br>Gestational, individual-personal and socialenvironmental<br>factors played a significant role in<br>the genesis of the pre-morbid mental disorders and<br>conditions with high risk of disadaptation.<br>Conducting sessions of relaxation training aimed at<br>reducing anxiety and normalizing moods had a<br>beneficial effect on the mental status of pregnant<br>women and the course of pregnancy</p> Victor A. Ruzhenko ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Clinical Structure and Comorbidity of Additive Behavior and Dependencies in Medical Students http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/208 <p>A high level of academic load and stress create the<br>risk of addictive behavior and addictions in medical<br>students as a way of stress overcoming. The purpose<br>of our study was to verify the prevalence of<br>addictive behavior and dependencies in medical<br>students and their comorbidity with mental disorders<br>for the development of approaches to their<br>prevention. In this regard, we examined 455 senior<br>students of the Medical Institute using the medicalsociological,<br>psychometric methods and the "Method<br>of clinical screening-diagnostics of addictive and<br>dependent behavior". It was found that the addictive<br>behavior and formed dependence were revealed in<br>37.1% of students. At the same time, various kinds<br>of addictive behavior and dependencies were combined<br>among themselves in 37.5% of cases. Persons<br>with addictive behavior and dependence were characterized<br>by personal immaturity, low level of responsibility,<br>tolerance and negative thinking. The<br>study revealed a high level of comorbidity of addictive<br>behavior and addictions to mental disorders,<br>among which neurotic, stress-related and somatoform<br>disorders (58.5%), as well as personality disorders<br>(14.2%), prevailed. Persons with addictive<br>behavior and addictions had a higher incidence of<br>asthenia, anxiety and depression, as well as obsessive-<br>compulsive symptoms, social phobia and dysmorphophobia,<br>which created additional difficulties<br>in social adaptation. Thus, prevention of addictive<br>behavior and addictions should, first of all, be<br>aimed at the timely detection and therapy of mental<br>disorders, as well as includes measures to reduce<br>the level of educational stress.</p> Victor A. Ruzhenkov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Impact of Inflation in 90-ies on the Development of Economy in Russia http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/209 <p>The sixtieth anniversary of the socialist system in<br>Russia did not pass without traces for the economy of<br>the Russian Federation, which was nascent in the<br>1990s. Strict regulation of economic processes by the<br>state in the USSR had a number of positive<br>consequences, but closer to the mid-60s of the 20th<br>century it could not adapt to the realities and<br>requirements of the world economy. The beginning of<br>the 50's and 60's can be considered the time of the birth<br>of inflation in Russia, which was associated with a<br>sharp drop in social production. Since the prices were<br>fixed, inflation had a hidden character and its rates<br>were held back. The socio-economic consequences of<br>inflation have led to the stagnation of the economy in<br>Russia up to the 2000s, and the term "social" is ahead<br>for a reason, since the main negative effect of inflation<br>is the redistribution of income and wealth in the<br>country. The ongoing processes contributed to the<br>gradual process of transition from a command<br>economy to a market economy. Thus, the outwardly<br>stable and prosperous Soviet state concealed behind its<br>facade suppressed inflation and unemployment, which<br>eventually pushed the indefinite development of the<br>market economy in the Russian Federation.</p> Askar N. Mustafin Margarita N. Maksimova ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Personal Protection from Racial Discrimination in the Conditions of Fight against Terrorism http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/210 <p>In the context of the globalization of the economy and<br>the integration of interstate relations, as well as the<br>short-sighted policies of the leaders of some countries,<br>there has appeared a serious danger of terrorist acts of<br>various groups that have arisen on religious grounds. In<br>such circumstances, the likelihood of racial<br>discrimination is high. Racism needs neither<br>explanation nor analysis. Its ineradicable slogans<br>spread like a tide, which at any moment can flood any<br>society. The existence of racism does not require<br>justification. This categorical statement, as absolute as<br>the unprovable one, means that racism has all the signs<br>of an axiom. Accessible to all, albeit not universally<br>accepted, racism is the more effective the more vaguely<br>it is, and the more dynamic the more obvious it seems.<br>The purpose of this work is to investigate the complex<br>of criminally-legal and criminological problems of<br>combating the incitement of national, racial or religious<br>hatred in the conditions of terrorism. The article also<br>proposes the scientific development of proposals and<br>recommendations aimed at improving preventive<br>activities, criminal legislation, as well as the practice of<br>its application.</p> Ekaterina A. Khuzina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Rights and Duties of Foreign Person in an Arbitration Procedure in the Russian Federation http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/211 <p>This paper considers the rights and obligations of<br>foreign persons in arbitration courts of the Russian<br>Federation. General scientific and special methods of<br>cognition of legal reality were used. The paper<br>addresses these aspects in relation to business entities<br>that are parties to arbitration procedural relations. It<br>also reveals the notions of legal standing and the<br>existing regime of granting rights to foreign elements<br>in an arbitration proceeding. First, the general rights<br>and duties of these persons are described, and further<br>attention is focused on certain provisions, such as the<br>language of the proceedings and the procedure for<br>providing an interpreter, reimbursement of court costs<br>and payment of state fees, representation and<br>protection of the interests of foreigners.<br>The authors describe the existing situation of<br>foreigners in arbitration proceedings and point to the<br>need for continuous improvement of legislation with a<br>view to mutual integration of the economic spheres of<br>foreign states and protection of the rights of foreign<br>entities in the arbitration proceeding.</p> Yaroslav N. Larionov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Smuggling of Cash and (Or) Monetary Instruments: Is the Sentence Final and Binding? http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/212 <p>Being a part of the internal and foreign policy of a<br>state, the customs policy is formed under the influence<br>of the customs affairs, their place and role in solving<br>the actual problems of foreign trade regulation,<br>embraces the strategy of domestic and international<br>events related to trade relations. A well-thought-out<br>and purposeful customs policy contributes to the<br>dynamic development of a state, while miscalculations<br>in this sphere not only have an adverse effect in the<br>economy, but also contribute to the growth of social<br>contradictions, and may even lead to aggravation of<br>international relations.<br>Smuggling is inextricably linked with the development<br>of customs, the economy of the country, domestic and<br>foreign trade. It develops in any social and economic<br>conditions both in the case with the liberalization of<br>customs tariffs, and when they become tougher. In the<br>first case, the weakening of control over foreign trade<br>activity contributes to the expansion of illegal import<br>and export of goods, in the second case extremely<br>burdensome custom duties make foreign goods<br>uncompetitive. In both situations, measures to<br>regularize customs fees and duties, their systemic and<br>understandability, and the development of the system<br>of customs and law enforcement bodies have certain<br>effectiveness. Particular attention should be given to<br>criminal law measures as the most repressive tool in<br>countering smuggling. To this end, problems and<br>effectiveness of the application of such criminal law<br>measure as confiscation are revealed, based on the<br>analysis of available judicial practice (the total number<br>of materials studied is 140).</p> Stanislav I. Golubev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 The Structure of Practice and Quality of the Objective Law http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/213 <p>Abstract<br>The quality of objective law significantly affects the<br>legality and law and order in the society and the state.<br>One of the factors for improving the quality of law is<br>theoretical knowledge about the regulated practice<br>structure. The article contains a theoretical description<br>of the practice structure elements in statics and<br>dynamics, their influence on the quality of content and<br>form of objective law. The material presented in the<br>article enriches and complements the modern concept<br>of socially significant practice. The conclusions<br>contained in the article contain a number of theoretical<br>and methodological provisions. It is pointed out that<br>any socially significant practice represents a local<br>social system (a subsystem of the society) even at the<br>formation stage and especially in the developed state.<br>The authors also emphasize that new legal institutions<br>and relevant practices of the exercise of law are<br>emerging, and the non-traditional branches of law are<br>crystallized on the basis of existing or newly emerging<br>institutions. The authors argue that in order to provide<br>the necessary and sufficient normative basis for the<br>exercise of the rules of law, the content of a certain<br>legal institution (branch and substantive law in general)<br>should correspond to the social content and structure of<br>the regulated practice. In addition to the above, the<br>authors believe that it would be wrong to identify the<br>social-substantive content of law only with the positive<br>facts existing in practice.</p> АleksandrV. Pogodin Eduard V. Krasnov Rafail' G. Valiev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06 Trends of the Tax Control of Transactions between Related Parties in the Russian Federation http://ashacharity.com/index.php/helix/article/view/214 <p>The Russian economy is a part of the world economy,<br>and many business entities carry out activities both in<br>Russia and abroad with the use of various international<br>structures: holdings and transnational corporations.<br>Development of such structures within the context of<br>competition between tax systems of different countries,<br>can lead to significant losses for the state budget,<br>which are caused by the withdrawal of profit centers to<br>countries with a more favorable (preferential) tax<br>regime. As a result, the Russian legal system inevitably<br>develops within the mainstream of world trends and<br>adapts to more and more complicated ways and<br>methods of conducting economic activity. One of the<br>characteristic trends in the development of Russian<br>legislation is the development and implementation of<br>legal institutions that, through international tax<br>planning methods, make it possible to prevent tax<br>evasion. Such institutions are already operating in the<br>legal systems of developed countries. At the present<br>stage of economic development of countries, one of the<br>most relevant is the institution of tax control of<br>transactions between interdependent persons.<br>The relevance of the topic of the paper is the definition<br>by the authors of the paper of the term "tax control of<br>transactions between interdependent persons, as well as<br>identification of changes reflecting the evolution of tax<br>control of transactions between interdependent persons<br>in the Russian Federation.</p> Andrey S. Zayats ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 7 06