Integral Pattern of Bench Stability on all Adjacent Rock Of Open-Pit Mine in Solid Rocks

  • Nikolay A. Godovnikov
  • Aleksander V. Konovalov
Keywords: Rock Massif, Open Pit, Berm, Stability, Geoinformation System, Computer Technology, Imitating Modeling, Probabilistic Forecast


The article presents the integrated image of bench
stability across the entire adjacent pit area on the basis
of a probabilistic method to predict the azimuthangular
parameters of cracks that limit the potential
prisms of the pit bench collapse that are put in the
final position, as well as those planned to be set to the
limiting contour in the form of a software component
as the part of the specialized geoinformation GIS
system "Stability".
The computer technology for the probabilistic
prediction of the most frequently encountered types of
the quarry pit deformation is developed: a wedge and
a flat one. The efficiency of this technology is proved
by the example of the Kovdorsky MPP (Russia,
Murmansk region) by the means of the comparative
analysis concerning the actual and probabilistic
location of these types of deformations, which
showed the confinement of bench deformations to the
sections of the quarry, limited by the isolines of such
deformations occurrence probability within 80-100%.
This technology is applicable to any quarries in rock