Rights of Ownership of Minors from the Position of the Russian Law

  • Zamira A. Akhmetyanova
  • Timofey G Makarov
  • Olga N. Nizamieva
Keywords: Rights of Ownership, Minors, the Right to Support, Right of Ownership of a Child


The paper outlines some theoretical and
methodological issues of researching the rights of
ownership of minors: legislative regulation of the
norms of civil and family law of Russia, the practice of
their application; the unsolved problem of guaranteeing
the rights of ownership of minors and their
implementation. In particular, in relation to the child's
right to receive support, the following problems are
considered: the definition of the subject in whose favor
a child support is to be collected; determination of the
parties to the agreement on payment of alimony;
impossibility of realization of a guarantee of interests
of a child at the conclusion of an alimony agreement
with participation of brothers, sisters, grandmothers
and grandfathers, etc.Concerning the right of
ownership and other proprietary rights of a child, an
assessment is given of their support and
implementation characteristics, which is due to the
legal nature of the child's rights of ownership; some
problems are identified when they are implemented in
practice. The authors have come to the conclusion that
the solution of the problems mentioned here concerns
both the sphere of law making and the sphere of law
enforcement. Particular proposals were made to
introduce changes and additions to the family, civil,
and other sectoral legislation, as well as to improve law
enforcement practices.