Multimodal Art Therapy for Overcoming Negative Emotional States among Adolescents

  • Juliya L. Blinova
Keywords: Adolescent Crisis, Negative Emotional States, Addictive Behavior, Deviant Behavior, Teenage Suicide, Multimodal Art Therapy, Art, NonVerbal Interaction, Artistic and Creative Activity


Psychological and pedagogical support for
schoolchildren during the adolescent age crisis is
acute social problem today. Over the past 2016, the
number of attempts of adolescent suicide has
increased 1.5 times. The number of teenagers, which
have computer and game addiction, is constantly
growing, the number of schoolchildren,
demonstrating aggressive antisocial behavior,
remains at a high level.
The purpose of this study was to develop a program
to overcome negative emotional states of adolescents,
using multimodal art therapy.
The choice of multimodal art therapy, as a means of
overcoming communicative barriers, was determined
by its orientation on acquiring a variety of sensory
and communicative experiences by participants,
through the use of artistic, creative and play
The methods of theoretical scientific cognition were
used in the process of research. They allowed to
distinguish the characteristics of negative emotional
state in adolescents (the level of personal anxiety, the
level of aggression, the presence of suicidal risk, the
feeling of chronic fatigue, and the difficulties in
interacting with adults and peers).
The result of investigation was the program to
overcome the negative emotional state of adolescents,
using multimodal art therapy. Approbation of the
developed program revealed its effectiveness as one
of the possible forms of psychological and
pedagogical support of schoolchildren during the
adolescent crisis.