Bandwidth Enhancement of Symmetrical Fourth-Teeth-Shaped Microstrip Antenna

  • Angelina G Markina
Keywords: Bandwidth, Microstrip Antenna, FourthTeeth-Shaped Antenna, Bandwidth Enhancement


The microstrip antenna with a symmetrical rectangular
radiator and four teeth is described. The influence of
the base geometric parameters of the antenna on the
bandwidth at the base frequency was studied. The
following geometric parameters of the antenna are
selected: the length and the width of the radiator, the
depth of cuts, the thickness of the substrate, the length
of the ground plane and the width of the feed line. The
regression analysis was carried out and the
mathematical model describing the dependence of the
bandwidth on the length and the width of the radiator
and the depth of the cuts was developed. The rootmean-square
error and the relative absolute error of the
model were calculated. The graphs of the bandwidth
dependences on the geometric parameters are
It was established that the decrease of the bandwidth
values is associated with an increase of the radiator
width and the substrate thickness. It was shown that a
slight influence on the bandwidth are made by the
changes of the radiator length and the depths of the
cuts only in the case when the radiator width is much
smaller than its length. The proposed formula
describing the relationship of the bandwidth with the
geometric parameters of the antenna can be used to
design a four-tooth antenna with wide bandwidth.